“Here is your savior, cowed and broken. I have crushed him as easily as I have crushed all who have dared to oppose me throughout the Cosmos. I am power unlike any you have known: absolute, infinite, and unrelenting. You have no choice but to prepare for a long dark future as my subjects—and my slaves." - Darkseid, Superman: The Animated Series

The Dinyomi

In the roiling chaos of the beginning times, in the immortal reign of the almighty Empyrean, thousands of thousands of Titans existed, each a splinter in the prime narrative, destined to be undone, to be at war, and to dance to the tune of the Empyrean. But there was one who broke the mold. One who saw The Empyrean’s power and thought not of obedience, but of Jealousy. What The Empyrean had, he wanted. More importantly, he wanted to deny. He wished more than anything else, to stand between The Empyrean and its’ goals. Through strength of his ego, he subsumed lesser Titan’s into his story, he became something greater still. He became an amalgamation of different bits and pieces of different stories, all working towards a common goal. He became The Conqueror.

And so he stood at the forefront of his army, at the head of many a titan great and small, all subsumed by the story of The Conqueror, of the Titan who would overthrow The Empyrean. But The Empyrean stood, unafraid, as s/he was put down into his rest, not by the hands of The Conqueror and his Titans, but to the Lawgivers and Gods he had created. And The Conqueror grew angry, and took up more direct arms against the King of Kings: The Sun. And he was smote by that power, unmade into the weave of the Omphalos, forgotten and buried.

The children of The Conqueror follow in his path. The strength of arms, the force of personality, and the will to become stronger. Such are the distinguishing marks of those who carry the legends of The Conqueror. They are the ultimate hurdle, the final mortal lords, a benchmark by which others greatness is measured. For if that greatness ever wanes, if The King of King’s should ever falter, the children of The Conqueror will be there to overthrow and overtake.

Basic Abilities

The Dinyomi has the following game statistics.

Hit Dice: d10

Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Any), Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Swim, Tumble

Skill Points at Level 1: (6 + Intelligence Modifier) x 4

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Intelligence Modifier

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Ref Will Special Mythos Excellencies
1st +1 +2 +2 +2 The Conqueror's Mythos, Mythos Known, Exceptional Mythos, Triumphant Excellence, Imperfect Hollow Selfdom, Might Makes Right I +2 +1
2nd +2 +3 +3 +3 +0 +1
3rd +3 +3 +3 +3 Might Makes Right II +1 +0
4th +4 +4 +4 +4 +0 +1
5th +5 +4 +4 +4 Might Makes Right III +1 +0
6th +6/+1 +5 +5 +5 +0 +1
7th +7/+2 +5 +5 +5 Fantastic Mythos +1 +1
8th +8/+3 +6 +6 +6 +0 +1
9th +9/+4 +6 +6 +6 +1 +0
10th +10/+5 +7 +7 +7 +0 +1
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +7 +7 +1 +0
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +8 +8 +0 +1
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +8 +8 Legendary Mythos +1 +1
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +9 +9 +0 +1
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +9 +9 +1 +0
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +10 +10 +0 +1
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +10 +1 +0
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +11 +11 +0 +1
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +11 +11 Exalted Mythos +1 +1
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +12 +12 +1 +1

Class Features

All of the Following are Class Features of the Dinyomi.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Dinyomi are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all light, medium, and heavy armor, and with all shields (except for Tower Shields).

The Conquerors Mythos: A Dinyomi's power is expressed in terms of one or more "Mythos", the building blocks of the legend that they are, and the stories that they have told and will tell. While any given Mythos varies from the rest, they share some similar traits. They are always Extraordinary abilities, and when they reference a difficulty class for an imposed saving throw, that saving throw is always calculated as (10 + 1/2 class level + Charisma modifier, unless otherwise stated). When a Mythos references a "level" that is not clearly defined in some other way, such as "character level", it refers to "class level" as in the number of levels one has in the Dinyomi class. When a Mythos references "allies", it specifically does not refer to the Dinyomi using it. When a Mythos grants a feat as a bonus feat, it is regardless of whether the character meets the prerequisites for that feat (unless otherwise stated), and if the character already possesses that feat (in some permanent fashion - via the normal allotment gained by leveling up, or through another Mythos, and so on, but not those gained temporarily, such as via a "Heroics" spell), they must replace the prior instance of that feat with another feat that they qualify for.

Every Mythos has a Tier. The Tier of a Mythos ranges from 1 to 4, typically referred to as Exceptional, Fantastic, Legendary, and Exalted. A Dinyomi with Exceptional Mythos is a villain above your garden variety thug or cut-purse. He is driven by a desire beyond this life, a desire to rise above his peers, and will most likely find himself in places others wish they weren’t. At the Fantastic level, a Dinyomi's begins to pick up on the subtleties, or not so subtleties, of the path that they have been placed on. They can overthrow kings as easily with a few choice words as with a swing of their blade, the only difference being semantics and preference. A Legendary Dinyomi is becoming every bit the heir to The Conqueror that he can be. He leads packs of savage barbarians or elite commandos, sits atop his ivory tower or within his ebony castle, and looks down at the world in not-so-quiet contempt. An Exalted Dinyomi is a lord who’s right to rule is unquestionable, who has moved out of the shadow of The Conqueror into his own. His word is law, his name is hallowed, and his power is in a magnitude unseen. Even the most radiant heroes or dedicated balance keepers would hesitate to defy them.

Some Mythos, in addition to their initial stated effect, have Basic and Advanced manifestations. When a Dinyomi gains access to a Mythos with a list of Basic manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit immediately as well. This choice may not be changed later. When a Dinyomi gains access to a Mythos with a list of Advanced manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit upon achieving their next level of Dinyomi. This choice may be changed at any point before receiving the chosen manifestation itself, but not after (choosing beforehand is just an easy way to mark it down on your character sheet so you don't forget that you'll be getting something later). 

Mythos Known: A 1st level Dinyomi begins play with two Exceptional Mythos that he qualifies for if this is his first level in a PC character class. At higher levels, he gains additional Mythos as noted on the Dinyomi class table.

For characters that multiclass into Dinyomi after having taken levels in another PC character class, the 1st level of Dinyomi grants only a single Exceptional Mythos, rather than two.

A Dinyomi also has the ability to learn more Mythos, above the ones automatically allotted to him by leveling up by performing certain tasks. Whenever he spends money or resources to impede the progress of his enemies, such as hiring assassins to attack the heroic party in the dead of night, or commissioning his greatest engineers to build ostentatious and overly-complicated war machines to have marched on his rivals girlfriends’ home-town, this gold is refunded to him as Mythos Points. The success or failure of these enterprises is largely irrelevant for the sake of Mythos Points gained. The important thing is not that you’ve won something, but that you’ve made your disdain for your enemies made still more obvious. If he gains income from these ventures, such as hiring a mugger for 20,000 gold pieces to steal the king of his neighboring countries crown (Worth 200 gold pieces), he would gain only 19,800 mythos points. Of course, if the thievery failed, or the thief ran away with the crown, he would gain the entire 20,000 Mythos Points. Alternatively, building monuments and buildings in your name/image is another way to invest in your own future, gaining the cost of creating the structure as mythos points.

By spending 1,000 Mythos Points, and 250xp, a Dinyomi may learn an Exceptional Mythos. A Fantastic Mythos requires 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp. A Legendary Mythos takes 10,000 Mythos Points, and 1,000xp. And an Exalted Mythos takes 20,000 Mythos Points and 2,000xp.

For half the listed price for a given Tier, a Dinyomi may learn a Basic or Advanced manifestation of a Mythos they already know of that Tier.

Learning Mythos above the standard amount requires astounding, nearly single-minded devotion to the story of the Conqueror. One may only utilize this ability while more than half of his effective character level (ECL) is devoted to levels in the Dinyomi class.

Triumphant Excellence: As denoted on their class table, a Dinyomi gains a certain number of abilities known as "Excellencies". These tend to be more general, generic, and passive than a Mythos, but are useful nonetheless, and are drawn from their own separate list, unsegregated by Tiers. Like a Mythos, a Dinyomi may learn more Excellencies above their allotted amount. Each one costs 1,000 Mythos Points and 100 xp, plus an additional 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp for each time a new Excellency is innovated beyond the first. (So, 2,000mp and 200xp for the second, 3,000mp and 300xp for the third, etc.)

Imperfect Hollow Selfdom: The Story of the Conqueror is one buried in lies and propaganda. Many know of what The Conqueror became, a shadowy figure at the forefront of war, and the underside of politics. But few know what The Conqueror Was. Before he donned the death knells of a thousand victories, before he split the heavens for blocking his all seeing gaze, before he was overlord of the fearful masses, he was one of those masses himself. And behind his unbeatable armies, within his impenetrable castle, under his unbreakable armor, still the Conqueror was afraid of his past, and would do anything to silence his doubters and wash away that weakness.

And none know this more than those who bear his legacy. 

A Dinyomi exists, constantly, in one of two ways: Glorious or Humbled. At first level, all creatures of equal or lesser effective character level treat the Dinyomi as Glorious. As he gains more and more levels, this Glory comes with him, raising the level of people who infer the glory of the Dinyomi. When facing a creature that treats the Dinyomi as Glorious, the Dinyomi adds his charisma modifier as a bonus to armor class, as his shimmering self-confidence does not allow him to avoid the blows of his enemies, but to disregard them entirely as little more than minor annoyances.

A Dinyomi can become humbled in a multitude of ways. The first and most obvious way is for him to be defeated by one who perceived him as Glorious. This can be a defeat in ANY way, so long as the Dinyomi is aware of the competition. As an example, a Dinyomi that loses in a public armwrestling match would be considered Humbled to the one who defeated him and all who saw it, but a Dinyomi was incidentally stumbles into a horse race on his way to torch his ex-lovers house and takes second will not become Humbled. It is his ego that matters, and such defeats can be brushed aside. Likewise, declining a challenge or competition issued to you face-to-face causes you to be humbled by all who witnessed it, but cheating at said competition does not. What care do you have that you outsmarted their rules?

Additionally, if a Dinyomi is ever subjugated to a compulsion or domination effect, he is considered humbled by the one who cast the effect. If he is publically damned or mocked by one under his servitude, he is humbled by the one who delivered these insults. If his property, or any of his especially overcompensating statues or monuments, are destroyed, he is humbled by those who committed the act. Whenever he acquires the “Cowering” condition, he is considered Humbled by any who witnessed his cowering. If he ever flees from combat with a creature of (ECL + 1) or lower, he is humbled by those who witnessed the act of cowardice.

Recovering one’s glory is not so difficult a task as one would expect. If an ally to a Dinyomi considers him humbled, he can make amends to his ego by performing some great deed before them, even if it is not one they would ask for or even desire. Leveling the church of the Heretical Order of St. Cuthbert in order to return to the good graces of your Paladin of Pelor general allows you to become glorious again in their eyes. If such an act would be grand enough, and in the interest of a group who see’s you as Humbled (Such as kidnapping a wife/husband for every soldier in your kingdom), you are Glorious to all of them at once. Becoming Glorious again to your enemies is just as simple. Merely enacting revenge at least two-fold upon those who humbled you is enough to again become Glorious. If a Halfling Villager spread a nasty rumor about your sexual orientation, kidnapping and forcing his wife/daughter into marriage allows you to be Glorious again. Alternatively, going to the villager’s childhood village, and selling every man, woman, and child from the village into distance slavery is also applicable. Alternatively, for the quicker, direct route, you cannot be humbled by a creature that is no longer alive.

The ego the Dinyomi is powerful, but fragile. It is extremely sensitive to change. A Dinyomi is automatically aware of if he is considered Humbled by any creature within (Level x 50) Miles. So long as he is aware of this Humbled condition, he takes a penalty to all skill checks, ability checks, attack rolls, and damage rolls equal to half his character level that are not directed towards returning him to his rightful place of Glory. As long as a creature exists in your ego-sense-field that considers you humbled, you do not require food, drink, or sleep to operate at your best, fueled on your hatred by those who know of your weakness. By spending a full-minute in quiet concentration, you become aware of the distance and rough direction the creature that considers you humbled lies in relation to yourself.

At 7th character level, the range of your ego detection zone increases to (Level x 100) Miles, at 13th level it is (Level x 300) Miles, and at 19th it is (Level x 500) Miles.

Might makes Right: The life of the Dinyomi is rife with threats. Threats to his property, to his safety, to his people, and, above all, to his ego. A life so filled with dangers weathers one quickly, and hardens them to the outside world. One must do what is necessary.

At first level, a Dinyomi gains Endurance and Improved Toughness as a Bonus Feat.

At 3rd level, the Dinyomi may use his Strength modifier in place of his Dexterity for purposes of Ranged Attack Rolls and Reflex Saves.

At 5th level, the Dinyomi may use his Charisma modifier in place of his wisdom for Purpose of Spot and Listen checks.

Exceptional Mythos

Altruistic Burden-Bearing Ego Suppression

Prerequisites: Non-Evil Alignment

The Conqueror was a both a Legend and a Legend Killer. His path meant that none would stand in his way, save for that which he sought most to overthrow: The Glorious King of Kings. But in his quest for greater things still, he left behind a path of ruin and desolation. As he climbed to the golden throne, he looked behind and saw all lay bare where he rode. And he regret none of it, knew he would do it all again, for he understood he had done what was necessary.

As a free action, you can put aside your morals. You stow away your empathy, your compassion, and your ties to the world around you, becoming a cold being of stoic logic.

In such a state, you ignore any effect based on emotions, such as Morale Bonuses/Penalties, the Rage class feature, fear effects, calm emotions, or any other such effect.

While you are in this state, you never risk converting your alignment based on your actions, justifying them as the path to greatness that the world needs, that you are the only one who can do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Still, even you cannot enter this state while you are Humbled, as no matter how great your need of logic, your ego cannot be staved while it is scarred. On the flip side, you cannot become humbled while in this state either, your ego locked away in the depths of your soul.

You can maintain this state for a number of minutes each day equal to your Level + Your Charisma Modifier.

Existence Enforcing Ignorance-Correction

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror was a creature who demanded the respect, admiration, and the attention of all who saw him. He stood in front of his army not to lead, but to be seen. He sat upon a throne of bones not to be feared, but to be remembered. Few offenses were so intolerable as to ignore The Conqueror. And those offenses were quickly rectified.

When you enter combat, you may select any one foe that you can see. If the foe makes an attack of any kind that does not include you as the target, they take a penalty equal to half your class level on their attack rolls, Initiator Level, Caster Level, Manifester Level, damage rolls, DC, skill checks, and ability checks made as part of that attack.

Furthermore, whenever the enemy affected by this mythos triggers the above effects, you may fly into a rage as a free action, which lasts until the offending party is dead. This ability is otherwise identical to the Barbarian's Rage class feature, save you are not fatigued when it ends.


Focusing the Internal Cannons: You take a -1 to Armor Class, Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, Ability DCs, and Skill Checks made against targets other than the one affected by this mythos, but gain a +1 Bonus to the same statistics, as well as Saving Throws, against that target. You may increase the effects of this manifestation up to half your class level.

Assertive Duel-Enforcing Lunge: When an opponent affected by this mythos attempts to attack a creature other than you while within your movement speed, you may move to intercept the attack as an immediate action, enforcing the usual penalties upon your opponent, and granting Full Cover to the original target of the attack. If the opponent misses because of concealment, they attack you instead, and you may make an immediate attack of opportunity against them.

Filthy-World Denying Self Sufficiency

Prerequisites: 4 Ranks in any of the following: Craft(Armorer), Craft(Weaponsmith), Craft(Bow Making), or Craft(Clothier)

The Conqueror denied the chaos of the unborn world around him to sully his graces. Only his closest confidants and and grandest generals were trusted enough with his tastes, talents, anything that would distinguish him as anything but what he wished to be perceived as: Living Perfection. For in his eyes, the world around him was nothing but space to be conquered, to be used by him for his means, spectacular as they were. Such a world offers much, if you have the means to overpower it. 

Your ranks in Craft (Armorer), Craft (Weaponsmith), Craft (Bow Making), Craft (Clothier) are interchangeable with one another, hereby referred to as Craft (Greatness). If you had ranks in multiples of these skills, they are refunded to you, to be spent as normal when you next level up.

When you make a Craft (Greatness) check to produce non-magical, mundane weapons, armor, or clothing, double the progress you make. You can simultaneously work on a number of projects that fall into your Craft (Greatness) check equal to your charisma modifier.

You gain a new condition to keep track of: Pure, Dirtied, and Vile. 

So long as you are wearing clothes or armor that you have made, and wielding weapons only you have crafted, you are considered Pure, undiluted by the lesserness of those who inhabit your world. You gain a bonus to resisting Bull-Rush, Trip, Disarm, and Overrun Checks equal to your Charisma Modifier. While you are Pure, all you create is blessed by this pureness, automatically becoming masterwork as you build it, which improves to grant an enchantment bonus to armor class (for armor, shields, or clothing) or attack rolls (in the case of weapons) equal to one third your class level, up to five, while you wear them.

If you use a set of armor or a weapon you or your underlings have not developed for any amount of time longer than a single round, you become Dirtied. While you are Dirtied, you seek to become clean again. Double the progress you make when performing a Craft (Greatness) check. As well, ignore the penalties for hastily donning armor. You become Pure again after spending 6d4 straight hours in Armor you have created or gripping a weapon you have forged.

Lastly, if you use a set of armor or a weapon you or your underlings have not created for longer than one minute while you are dirtied, you become Vile. While you are Vile, you take a penalty to all Craft checks equal your class level, as you become unable to recapture that spark of grandiosity you needed to make your masterpieces. However, you also hide away yourself, gaining an equal bonus to Hide and Move Silent checks to remain unseen in your disgusting earthly form. You can become Dirtied by developing an entirely new weapon or armor for yourself, rekindling your understanding of your superiority.


Faithful-Servant Appreciating Tutelage: You may abide your knowledge of your intricacies and tricks of the trade to one who has served under you or alongside you for greater than one month. This process takes (24 - Your Students Intelligence Modifier) Hours to properly ingrain the necessary details of your every fine detail and preference. After this time, your student may use your Craft (Greatness) ranks in place of their own modifier in the Craft skills that make it up, but only when making tools for you, themselves, or your servants. If you later gain ranks in Craft (Greatness), you can instill them in any number of your students with a one hour refresher course for every rank difference since the last lesson.

You gain a +2 perfection bonus to Craft (Greatness) checks made for each student you educate in this way, that they do not use when making the checks, to allow yourself to forever be better than they. You can have a number of trusted students equal to your Charisma modifier.

Troop-Steeling Distinction Dispersion: Although you are invariably better than all who you stand above, still, if they are to represent you, why should they not be adorned in your (nearly) finest garbs as well?

Multiply the amount of projects you can work on at one time by your charisma modifier. This only applies to making duplicates, or slight adjustments of, the same armor/weapon/clothes. (I.E: If a human Dinyomi making plate mail for himself decides to reward his halfling butler with plate mail of similar design to his, it is doable).

Front-Running Luminary Dragoon

Prerequisites: 4 Ranks in Ride

The first to maintain the legacy of The Conqueror were those who rode. From atop their steeds was it easier to look down at the peasants around them. By the beasts speed were they able to blaze a path their armies would follow. It was one of few living things that held their respect, for its’ service was invaluable, and its’ place was understood. A companion for the ages.

You may use your strength modifier in place of your dexterity to determine your ability bonus to Ride. Any mount you ride for (8-Your Charisma Modifier) Hours gains Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, and Heavy Armor Proficiency as bonus feats while you ride them. Its’ speed is never diminished by the kind of armor you outfit it in.

When you and your mount make a charge attack, you ignore difficult terrain. You also may ignore the usual penalty to your armor class for making a charge while mounted. If you make a charge attack in the first round of combat, all your mounted allies benefit from the effects of this mythos as well, mimicking, however imperfectly, your immaculate talent.

Finally, you gain Ride-By Attack and Mounted Archery as bonus feats.


Unstoppable Flesh Steamroller: You gain Improved Overrun as a bonus feat. When you attempt to overrun a target while you are mounted, you may overrun as many targets as your movement would allow. Each time you overrun a creature, you lose 10 feet to your total movement for the round.

Momentum Breaking Impact Assault: You gain Powerful Charge and Cometary Collision as bonus feats. While you are mounted, you can prepare an action to counter charge as a swift action, and may decide a number of creatures to counter charge equal to your strength modifier.

Ghastly Aubade-Avoiding Dissemblance

Prerequisites: -

The true enemy of The Conqueror still stands. A Monument to his failures, a power source revered and respected by many or most cultures everywhere. You, he who carries a wispy essence of the titan in question, have your own hatred, or perhaps fear, of The Sun. And, as your Patron was wont to do, you attempt to change such a weakness to a strength.

You gain the Low-Light Vision and Dark Vision racial traits, if you did not have them already. Your darkvision extends out to 60 feet. If you did, your existing Low-Light Vision and/or Dark Vision double their effective range. Your eyes become recognizable to any race as… unusual, at best, or horrifying at worst. Perhaps they have become red and snake like, perhaps the colors in your eyes have reversed, or perhaps your eyes have seemingly fallen from use, leaving you with empty sockets. Either way, your new eyes are far more sensitive to even miniscule light, granting you a bonus to spot and search checks equal to your Charisma modifier.

You gain a new status you must keep track of: Ashen, Veiled, and Sun-Lit.

So Long as you are Ashen, you gain DR X/Silver or Good, with X being equal to your class level. At level 7, this becomes Silver and Good. You also gain a bonus to Hide and Move Silent Checks equal to your class level while you are moving in shadowy or darker illuminations. All of your attacks count as Evil for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

If you spend anywhere between 1 and 6 continuous hours in Direct Sunlight, you become Veiled. Your damage reduction is reduced by half, but you gain energy resistance to Fire, Electricity, and Cold equal to half your class level. You gain a bonus to your movement speed when in direct sunlight equal to your charisma score (to the nearest 5 feet), but are also blinded when first entering sunlight and dazzled while you remain in it.

If you spend longer than 6 hours in direct sunlight, you become Sun-Lit. You lose all damage reduction granted by this mythos, but your fire resistance becomes equal to your class level. You also gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls against creatures with the Good and Extraplanar subtypes, as well as creature who can cast spells (or spell like abilities) from the Sun domain. You also take a penalty to all charisma based skill checks, Hide, and Move Silent made against creatures with the [Evil] subtype, or while in darkness, as you radiate faint amounts of residual sunlight.

You can move one direction towards Ashen by spending 12 uninterrupted hours in complete darkness.

Lastly, and somewhat unfortunately, you sunburn exceptionally easily.


Infinite-Dusk Embracing Chronism: You no longer require regular sleep. If you rest for one hour in moonlight, you are fully rejuvenated as if you rested 8 hours.

Nightwalkers Extending Legacy: You become immune to Vampirism. You count as a vampire for purposes of qualifying for feats and prestige classes, but are not subjugated to the normal weaknesses of either the Natural Vampire. You can also spread Vampirism as if you were a natural born vampire.

Feral Lunar Epiphany: You become immune to Lycanthropy. You count as a Lycanthrope for the purposes of qualifying for feats and prestige classes, but are not subjugated to the normal weaknesses of the Lycanyhtopes. If you take the "Swallowing the Feral Heart" feat, you may select any type of standard lycanthrope to use as the basis for your inner beast, and can spread Lycanthropy as a natural born Lycanthrope.

Immaculate Emperor Commandment

Prerequisites: -

In a turn where you go first among your allies, you gain a +2 Perfection bonus to Strength and Charisma. Your attacks also deal an additional point of damage for every two allies who can see or hear you that is behind you in the initiative count, up to a maximum of your class level.

As an Immediate action in response to one of your allies taking their turn, you may announce that you will be taking your turn in their stead, replacing your initiative count with theirs. An ally can deny your claims to greatness, inflicting a -4 penalty to your Strength and Charisma, and causing you to be shaken. Both these effects last until the end of the encounter. You may only attempt this once per encounter.

Lastly, whenever one of your allies attacks would kill an enemy unit within (Your Movement Speed + Your Reach), the DM is required to make it known to you, and you may challenge them for the glory of the kill. As an immediate action, you make an attack roll against your allys attack roll, and if your result is higher, you may make an attack against the near dead enemy. If you kill it, you gain a +2 bonus to strength and charisma for the remainder of the encounter. If you fail to kill the enemy unit, you take 2 temporary strength and charisma damage until the end of the encounter. Either way, this attack counts as your attack of opportunity for the round.


Glory-Hogging Ally Exploitation: Any time you take an immediate action to attempt to steal a kill from one of your ally’s, you are considered to be flanking that enemy for all purposes. Your ally does not gain these bonuses.

Over-Reaching Grandeur Vacuum: You gain Combat Reflexes as a Bonus Feat.

Inconspicuous Nobility Safeguard

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror could be called many things. Tyrant, Lord, General, Warrior, Villain. But there was one thing all who knew of him could distinguish him as: Royal. With a cape cut from the starry sky and armor than shined like so many tiny diamonds, he was unmistakable for his quiet power and graceful brutality. And you, a descendant of The Conqueror’s will are no less royal.

When Combat starts, you are considered an Ally to all your enemies until you directly attack them (if your combatting a single target) or a member of their groups (For multiple enemies working together). This includes being left out of damaging or harmful effects that only target enemies, not provoking Attacks of Opportunity for moving through threatened squares, or even moving through enemy squares if you must. Enemies can attack you directly on their own turns, using their own actions, if they feel like it, but the effects of this mythos only end when you attack them, or after your charisma modifier in rounds passes.

While there is no one in combat who considers you an enemy, you do not need to roll initiative, instead taking your actions whenever you feel like it in the round. Once one creature considers you an enemy, you roll initiative as normal, and may activate any effect that begins “At the start of combat.”


King-Among-Commoners Rebuke: The First time a creature attempts to attack you while you are not considered an enemy, they must make a will save or be unable to complete the attack, their action wasted. They are made aware of this fact when you approach.

Despicable Turncoat Tactics: Your first attack against an Allied unit is always resolved as a touch attack against the opponents Flat-Footed Armor Class

Inimicable Rivalry-Proclaiming Vociferication

Prerequisites: Must believe yourself to have been wronged in some way, either real or imaginary
Those who stand in your way. Those who would take up arms against you. Those who challenge your right to rule. Those who put themselves between you and your inborn destiny. Fools, the lot of them. But some such fools, some particularly egregious imbeciles, have spurned in you your deepest hatred.

As a standard action, you may select one individual or group that has wronged you, from now until their demise, eradication, or subjugation, known as Hated. When dealing with that individual, or members of that group, you gain a new condition to keep track of: Deceitful, Contemptuous, and Hateful.

You are considered Deceitful when the other party does not know you harbor hatred for them, or when they seek to make amends with you, though you know in your blackest heart you will never accept them. While you are considered Deceitful, you gain a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on all charisma checks made to influence or convince the creatures you despise to act in a way that benefits you. You also gain the same bonus on Knowledge checks made about such individuals, and may make such checks untrained.

You are considered Contemptuous when the individual or group know you have an issue with them, or they have an unfriendly, non-physical relationship with you. While you are considered Contemptuous, you gain a bonus equal to your combined strength and charisma modifier on all hide and move silent checks to avoid being seen by the objects of your hate, as well as to any check made to undermine their efforts (Such as a climb check to scale their roof throw rotting eggs down their chimney, or a Handle Animal check to convince their dog to come with you)

You are considered Hateful when the relationship between you and your hated foe boils to a head and becomes physical. While you are considered hateful, you gain a bonus to Trip, Bullrush, and Disarm checks made against your hated enemy equal to half your class level, as well as to attack and damage rolls.

You may have a number of hated individuals/groups equal to your charisma modifier, all calculating whether you are Deceitful/Contemptuous/Hateful separately, and each must have wronged you in some way. When you gain access to Fantastic Mythos, you may declare an entire Organization, such as a specific church, guild, or even a city as the source of your hatred. When you gain access to Legendary Mythos, you may declare an entire empire, religion, or small country as the source of your hatred, And when you gain access to Exalted Mythos, you may declare an entire Nation, Race, or (In extreme cases) Plane as the source of your hatred.


Hatred is an Insincere Smile: You gain Deceitful and Negotiator as Bonus Feats.

While you are Deceitful towards the object of your hate, you may influence those you hate still further. When you use a diplomacy check to influence a hated foe, you move them an additional attitude in your favor, and may make such checks rushed with no penalty. When you use an intimidate check against them, they do not revert to an unfriendly attitude against you, fearing further angering you. And when you use a bluff check against them, your lie is treated as one step more believable for purposes of their sense motive check against you.

At 6th level, you may use your Diplomacy Check as an “Entice Gift” effect, your Intimidate Check as a “Rebuke” effect, and your Bluff check as a “Suggestion” effect. These can all effect creatures whose hit dice are equal or less than your level, but can only be used against creatures who consider you Deceitful.

Hatred is a Knife in the Back: You gain the Sudden Strike class feature, dealing 1d6 points of precision damage to any creature denied it's Dexterity bonus to armor class.

While you are Contemptuous towards the source of your hatred, If you kill a member of an organization you hate, but pin the crime on another or completely dispose of the body, you do not risk moving in the Hateful designation with members of that group.

Hatred is a Slap in the Face: You gain Improved Unarmed Strike and Snap Kick as a bonus feat. 

While you are considered Hateful, your unarmed strikes are considered one size larger when attack a source of your hatred. When you activate your Snap Kick feat against such a creature, you may make a trip attempt against them as a free action, and do not risk tripping yourself on such a check.

Lackey-Constructing Maestro's Commission

Prerequisites: -

Before he was the tale of The Conqueror, he was another among many. An individual, surrounded with his likenesses, indistinguishable from the other lesser beings to those who sat upon the thrones of gold and blood. Until such a time that he took matters into his own hands, spawning a thread of his story that would serve him faithfully till the end. Helotry.

You gain a Leadership score, as per the Leadership feat. You can never gain the Leadership or Epic Leadership feat, but instead, use your Leadership score for this mythos, and every mythos built from this one. You do not take penalties to this score from causing the death of a follower or cruelty. Only permanent Charisma changes (Such as those from Age, Leveling, or "Limit-Shattering Charisma Renovation") are taken into account for determining this score.

As a standard action, when you hold a log, stone, or other piece of unworked solid nature worth at least one gold piece, you may breathe a spark of pseudo-life into it. Such creature is forever known, if not rebranded by you to something more fitting, as a “Minion”.

Though they vary in appearance from one Dinyomi to another, there are some universal constants. “Minions” are constructs two sizes smaller than you, with 8’s in all ability scores, Hit Points equal to your Charisma modifier, base saves equal to your class level/3, no skills, no feats, and no natural armor or hardness. They have a base speed of 20, increasing by 10 for every size larger than small they are. No matter what they were originally made from, they are now [Constructs]. They naturally sink in liquids, but are capable of swimming if they truly must. They obey your every command without question, and are considered to have a number of hit dice equal to your charisma modifier, up to your class level, to determine if specific effects (such as a Fear spell) work against them.

“Minions” are simple creations, without much personality or individual characteristics to define them. They are considered having equal ranks in any skill as you for the purposes of aid another attempts with one another and with you. If attacking, they gain a bonus to hit equal to your Strength modifier, and can be equipped, for free, with simple melee weapons at creation that only they may use. You can direct any number of Minions to a single task as a swift action. For each additional group you wish to direct, you must take another swift action.

At any one time, you may command a number of minions as you would first level followers, or 4 if your leadership score is too low.


As a Legion in Miniature: Any square that one of your minions occupies counts as difficult terrain for all creatures other than other minions or yourself. In addition, you may count two minions as only one ally when calculating a number of allies you can affect, so long as they are adjacent to one another.

Patience Rewarding Artistry-Improvement: By spending a minute instead of a standard action, the minions you create are considered to have a 12 in every stat rather than 8s. They also gain Toughness as a bonus feat. 

Judgement-Resolving Underling Furtherance: By spending a full hour with a newly created Minion, made from more expensive materials (at least 100 gold pieces worth) in hand, you may pour still more pseudo-life into the creature, promoting it to something more refined than a simple minion.

This special minion is rebuilt with the Elite Array, and is only one size category smaller than you. It has 1/4th your maximum hit-points, and half as many ranks in any skill as you. It’s saves improve by 1 for every 2 class levels you have. It can take a full round of actions on your turn, as a familiar, and can be given more complex instructions than your simpler near-mindless minions. If it lives long enough, it may even develop a personality. It also no longer counts as a "Minion" for purposes of how many Minions you can command.

You may only have one special minion at a time. This counts as a Familiar for purposes of Prerequisites.

Might Belying Atramentous-Attire

Prerequisites: -

You gain the ability to wear normal clothes over your armor. Even if it would be ludicrously impossible, such as wearing a nobles tuxedo over a set of full plate mail, your clothes compress, restrict, and bind your armor so tightly, but so comfortably, that you can hardly remember you were wearing armor to begin with.

Any time you wear a set of clothes worth at least as much as the base armor type under it, you are not considered to be wearing armor for any purposes aside from the bonus to your armor class that it provides, and arcane spell failure. No penalties to your speed, skill checks, and no maximum dexterity inhibit your movement. It doesn’t count towards your encumbrance either. If anything, you walk more comfortably with your suppressed armor than you would in only your clothing, and safer than wearing just your clothing. Confidence is the key.

In addition, you can tuck away a number of weapons equal to your strength modifier into your clothes, sliding them into your sleeves, pockets, cape folds, or any other seemingly impossible location on your body. Other’s have a -60 penalty to notice weapons hidden in such a way. You gain Quick Draw as a bonus feat, the effects of which extend to hidden weapons, and any time you pull a new weapon previously hidden in your clothing, the first attack made with that weapon is against your targets flat-footed armor class.

Lastly, you are often accompanied by a wind unnoticeable by others, but keeps your own hair, cloak, cape, or scarf constantly blowing.


Hidden Decadent Armaments: You treat specific mundane items as weapons. You treat a Cane or an Umbrella as a Long Sword, Gold Pieces as Shuriken, A scarf or similar sash as a whip, or any similar fashionable items. You may also use a Cape in place of a medium shield, so long as you use one arm to hold it in front of you. You are considered proficient in these weapons, and Magical clothing (such as a Cloak of Charisma or Monks Belt) give an enchantment bonus to attack and damage rolls or armor class (Depending on the clothes type) equal to 1/4th your level, rounded up.

Overflowing Closet-Congregation: You gain a bonus 5% of your recommended Wealth by Level that can only be spent on non-magical clothing. Clothing bought in this way can not be sold, but can be donned as a free action. You gain a bonus to Diplomacy and Disguise checks at a rate of 1 for every 500 gold pieces your outfit is worth.

Ruthless Tactician-Testing Guile

Prerequisites: -

As a Full-Round Action, you can bark out a string of complex military jargon and vile threats to motivate your “allies” to perform better. In doing so, at the cost of each creature's’ swift action for the round, you may reposition up to (2 per class level) allies within a 50 foot radius of you to any unoccupied square within 10 feet of you per level. Any individual creature can only move as much as twice their movement speed to follow these orders, otherwise the orders are wasted on them.

As an additional Full-Round Action, you can shout out a call of tactical withdraw and repurposing o units, filling your allies with the knowledge that they are NOT safe. By doing this, and taking up each creature's’ swift action for the round, you can grant all creatures within a one-hundred foot semicircle in front of you the ability to move up to twice their movement speed, but only to some point in space behind you, their gallant protector.

Both these effects are usable once per encounter each, up to your class level times per day.

Finally, as a swift action, when you first kill a creature in combat, you can make an especially powerful display of the kill. It could be a simple beheading, or it could be some form of internal combustion on the part of the target. So long as the effect is obvious and noticeable. Any ally seeing, or in some especially gruesome cases, hearing, this effect gains a bonus to either attack rolls, damage rolls, or saving throws equal to 1/4th your class level, up to your charisma modifier, for the remainder of the encounter.


Boisterous General’s Commandments: The range at which your Tactical Repositioning and Tactical Retreat can be heard are doubled. Any other sonic effect you may have (Such as Bardic Music or VOICE AS A THOUSAND TRUMPETS) has its’ range increased by half of its original range.

Retribution-Denying Tact: When making movements as part of your Tactical Repositioning and Tactical Retreat abilities of this Mythos, your allies gain a bonus to armor class against attacks of opportunity equal to your Charisma modifier.

Bloodlust Sating Haste: You gain Improved Initiative as a Bonus Feat. You also reduce the amount of time it takes to motivate your soldiers with your bloody display from a swift action to a free action.

Somber Marauders Accoutrement Prowess

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror’s skill in arms were unquestionable. One does not lead an army of unquestionable strength from the front, draw glory from battles with the very concepts of reality, without the means to defend themselves. And The Conqueror did much more than that. His cruelty translated well to the world of swordplay, and from each legend he took on as his own, he picked up a thing or two of their teachings.

You gain Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization as bonus feats. These feats apply to any weapon you are proficient with and which you have drawn blood (other than your own). This blood cannot be washed away by anything, but you may will each and every weapon you own to return to polished steel with but a thought.


Unbeatable-Aegis Capability: You gain Improved Shield Bash and Agile Shield Fighter as Bonus feats. 

Heavy-Handed Capability: You gain Monkey Grip as a bonus feat. You do not take the -2 to attack rolls usually inflicted by this feat.

Sky-Piercing Capability: You gain Point Blank Shot and Far Shot as Bonus Feats.

Twin-Steel Capability: You gain Two-Weapon Fighting and Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting as Bonus Feats.

Unyielding-Cavalry Capability: You gain Mounted Combat and Spirited Charge as Bonus Feats.


A Treasure-Trove of Techniques: You gain an additional Basic Manifestation of this mythos.

Stratagem-Refining Simpletons Jargon

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror saw himself as a being of greater intelligence. A tactician, a combat genius, and a political mastermind all in one. So when the time came for his armies to march, or his maneuverings to finally come to a head, it was far, far too late for his victims. For any warlord or tyrant can break a man's’ body, but only a Conqueror can break his spirit.

You gain a +2 Circumstance bonus to Intimidate Checks.

As a standard action, you may launch into a maniacal speech. The speech can be demeaning, insulting, boastful, angry, or punctuated with hysterical laughter, but the primary purposes of the speech is always clear. The speech made is a part of your own superiority over your enemies, in some direct or discreet way. 

Enemies within 60 feet who can see and/or hear your speech are disheartened. They take a -2 Morale Penalty on saving throws against fear and charm effects, as well as attack and damage rolls made against you. You may maintain this speech as a swift action each round, and even should you be silenced, the resonating doubt in your foe's mind lingers for a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier. This effect increases by 1 for every 4 levels.

So powerful and profound are your words, that they subsume lesser words into your tirade. Any creature manifesting an effect that is dependent on being heard must make a Charisma check against you. Should they fail, your words simply drown out theirs, removing any effect they are attempting to manifest. Your own sonic effects are not included in this effect, and you can still use the Intimidate skill while you make this speech.

If your enemy is your hostage, in your trap, or in some way part of a greater, elaborate scheme of your design, your speech is especially empowering, bolstering your ego, knowing you are greater than they. You gain bonuses to attack rolls and skill checks equal to penalties inflicted by this mythos when you use a speech in such a way. These bonuses last a number of minutes equal to the number of rounds you explain how screwed your target is. If a player role-plays this plan explaining speech, this time length is doubled.


Death-Expecting Guffaw: (Requires “Snickering in Detestable Glee”) Use of this mythos activates your Laugh of opportunity. For each minute you spend using this mythos, you may laugh again.

Immanent Dispute-Steeling Pace: While this mythos is in effect, so long as you move at least ten feet each round, you gain a dodge bonus to armor class equal to 1/4th your class level.

Treacherous Biological Reverse-Engineering

Prerequisites: 4 Ranks in Heal
When one of the masses of his amassing army became brave enough, or foolish enough, to stand against The Conqueror, he did not shy away from the fight. But when the time came for the confrontation, the challenger would oft find his strength wavering, his mind slowing, his conviction loosening. And so The Conqueror remained unbeaten, for when he was not stronger than his foe, he made his foe weaker than he. This was the path of a Conqueror.

You may apply poison to your weapons as a swift action, and never risk accidentally poisoning yourself.

You may use the Heal skill in place of Craft (Poison) in order to create poisons. When you create poisons in such a way, you need only pay half the component cost to create a dose of the poisons, substituting your knowledge of anatomy with the empowering ingredients in the poison. Because of this, these poisons can only be used by you, but The DC for any poison you create in such a way is increased by your Charisma modifier.

In addition, when you first attack a creature with a weapon you applied poison to, you may roll a Heal check. If you roll a 15, you inflict a -1 penalty to your opponent's’ attack rolls and armor class against you. For every 10 points beyond that, you inflict an additional -1 penalty. This effect lasts for a number of days equal to your charisma modifier, or until the end of an encounter in which you fight a poisoned creature, whichever comes first.

Lastly, so long as you are unseen by your foe, the wounds you inflict from a weapon you have applied your homemade brand of poison to leave behind no wounds, and inflict no pain. This effect can only be activated once per target.


Atypical Neuro-Toxin Production: Your homemade poisons that deal damage to intelligence, wisdom, or charisma deal an additional point of damage per die, regardless of your opponent’s save.

Particularly Potent Venomous Yield: Your homemade poisons that deal damage to strength, dexterity, or constitution deal an additional point of damage per die, regardless of your opponent’s save.

Vital-Flow Knowledge Recycling: You gain a +2 bonus to Heal checks to create poison and to critical confirmation rolls. In addition, you may delay the effects of your homemade poisons for a number of hours equal to your Charisma modifier.

Fantastic Mythos

Booming Rebelion-Squelching Edict

Prerequisites: -

There comes a time and a place for subtlety. The Machinations of the political cogs are better handled with deft hands, lest they scatter in your presence. But on the fields of war, the true home of The Conqueror, subtlety is not a luxury one can afford. You must bolster your people, you must deliver your orders. In your cities, why wait for news of your decisions to spread, when you can get them across far swifter than any mail service? Your word was law, it is now a force of nature.

Decrease the DC for you to be heard by 20 when you are shouting out orders, decrees, or making use of any language dependent or speech dependent mythos or effect. If these effects would provide a saving throw, increase the DC by 2. This increases to 4 against creatures that consider you humbled, as you put extra disdain into your every word.

As a standard action, you may release a tirade of vile and unfriendly words upon your enemies and/or allies. This manifests as a 60 ft cone in front of you, and can be used to make an intimidate check against as many creatures as you wish within the cone. Alternatively, you can allow all allies in the cone the ability to, as an immediate action, move up to their full movement speed.

Lastly, you can pour further vitriol into your words, dealing 1d6 Sonic damage per 2 class levels to all creatures in the cone. A successful fortitude save halves the damage. You can maintain this tirade as a standard action for a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier, choosing which effect to manifest at the start of the round. Whichever means you choose, normal speech within your tirade zone is nearly impossible. Once your tirade has ended, you must restore your inner anger and rage, and this mythos becomes unusable for 1d4 hours.


Ranting Maelstrom Sermon: It is said that the shouting anger of The Conqueror would become the first winds, endlessly reflected across the world. The range of your tirades increases by 30 feet, and produce a Strong wind effect within the initial 60 feet. When you gain access to Legendary mythos, this becomes Severe, and when you gain access to Exalted mythos, this becomes Windstorm level winds.

Doldrum-Breaking Denunciation: You gain an additional use of this mythos. You may make an intimidate check against all allies within the area of your tirade, warning them of the punishments you will inflict if they continue to fail you. If your intimidate check is successful, you temporarily motivate your units, granting them a +2 to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks as long as they remain in your tirade zone, and the normal shaken condition when it is over. If one of your allies dies, you may use this mythos in this way as an immediate action.

Side-Splitting Cacophony: (Requires “Snickering in Detestable Glee”) Use of this mythos prompts your Laugh of Opportunity, both at the beginning and end of your tirade. Your regular uses of the Laugh of Opportunity deal 1d6 sonic damage per 4 class levels to all creatures within 10 feet.

Commute Improving Magnate-Charm

Prerequisites: -

You gain Saddleback as a bonus feat.

You do not take a penalty to riding mounts without a saddle. You may treat any creature with the [Animal] type as a suitable mount, assuming it is at least the same size as you. You gain a bonus to checks made to win over a suitable mount equal to your class level.

Reduce the amount of time required to train a mount for any trick or general purpose to a number of days, rather than in weeks. You may train an additional number of mounts at one time equal to your charisma modifier. 

For the manifestations of this mythos, you cannot have a mount whose hit-dice are higher than your class level -2, and take a -5 penalty to convince creatures other than [Animals] to become your mount.


The Big Guy’s with Me: You treat creatures with the [Giant] type as suitable mounts.

Vileness Rode Upon Vileness: You treat creatures with the [Vermin] type as suitable mounts.

Dude, Where’s my Aboleth?: You treat creatures with the [Aberration] type as suitable mounts.

Petals and Thorns caked in Blood: You treat creatures with the [Plant] type as suitable mounts.

They Call me the Space Cowboy: You treat creatures with the [Construct] type as suitable mounts.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: You treat creatures with the [Magical Beast] type as suitable mounts.

Don’t Fear the Reaper: You treat creatures with the [Undead] type as suitable mounts.


Hope Crushed Underhoof: While you ride it, your mount gains Expeditious Dodge, Dreadful Wrath, and Frightful Presence as Bonus Feats. Your mount may use your ranks in Intimidate in place of its own, if you desire.

Penultimate Luxury Elevation: You treat creatures with the [Dragon] type as suitable mounts.

Steel and Steed are Symbiotic: You can enchant your mount as you would a magical item intended for an item slot. So long as you ride upon your mount, you gain all the associated benefits of your mounts enchantments, and for one round after you and your mount are separated. 

Mounts can be worked on and enchanted just as an item would, though it takes much more care and possibly much more sinister enchanters. So long as you are present for the entire enchanting process, it will feel no pain, and has no risk of injury or death.

Mounts enchanted in this way often take on qualities of their enchantments (IE: A “Cold Resist 30” Warhorse might appear to be aflame itself. A “See Invisible” Aboleth may appear slightly transparent and ghostly itself. And a Sphinx of Resistance +2 may have scars and blemishes disappear as quickly as they appear.) With a one hour ritual, you can transfer the enchantments from one mount to another.

If you possess the "Horrid-Earth Avoiding Sullen Armour", you may hold item enchantments within your Dusk Grimoire as well, and transfer them to one of your mounts as you would an enchantment to your weapons or armor.

Diamond-as-Coals Facetious Pretense

Prerequisites: Inconspicuous Nobility Safeguard
The world of today is filled with undesirables. Any passing beggar could be a jealous rivals assassin. Any smiling, flirtatious barmaid could be slipping poison into your food at a moments’ notice. Mercenaries change hands as quickly as coin, and your own people can be turned against you with the honeyed words of another. In such a disgusting world, it is better to hide yourself among the rabble, than trust your greatness to the insanity of the lesser man.

By spending 5 minutes consecrating your primacy, you breathe out a fraction of The Conquerors legacy. Not so much to sever your ties, but enough to further yourself from that higher calling to better blend in with the common man. This fraction of The Conqueror’s legacy masks you, rendering attempts to discern your location, name, thoughts, alignment, or similar personal information completely null. It also obscures your physical features in cosmetic ways, letting you choose a new appearance for yourself to best blend in with more primitive people.

While you are disguised in such a way, you are treated as though all your physical stats were half what they truly are for skill checks, attack rolls, and damage rolls. You gain a +4 bonus to charisma checks to influence, coerce, seduce, or otherwise convince lesser people to act in your best interest. Losing competitions and fleeing combat does not leave you humbled so long as you are doing it to hide your glory from those around you.

Furthermore, while you are under the effects of this mythos, you are considered an ally to all creatures within 30 feet of you, so long as you are unarmed. They will not attack you without provocation (such as attacking an ally), their area of effect abilities that require enemies do not target you, etcetera. As a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, you may lay a hand on an ally, revealing to them the tiniest shred of your magnificence. They must make a will save or be fascinated in your presence, except obvious threats (Drawing a weapon, casting a spell, etc) don’t break the fascination, and creatures affected can't get more than one new saving throw per round.

Note that while this mythos can alter your physical qualities, it cannot disguise your armor or equipment, nor does it offer any effects in regards to characters who consider you Hateful or a Nemesis.


Trust Manipulating Blood-Letting: You deal bonus precision damage to creatures that consider you an ally equal to xd6, where X is 1/4th your class level

Vigorous Colleague-Catapult: You may throw your allies as improvised weapons at no penalty. A Medium sized ally deals, and takes, 3d6 points of damage. Add or subtract 1d6 to the damage for each size larger or smaller than medium they are. They have a range increment of 10 feet, and you may use your strength modifier on the attack roll. “Minions” do not take damage from being thrown in this way.

Greatness-Instilling Exploitive Prestige

Prerequisites: “Lackey-Constructing Maestro’s Commission” Mythos
The threads that made up The Conqueror’s majesty were many, but they were minor. Good for little, but dedicated to a fault. But The Conqueror did not see any of that, all he saw was weakness. Instead, he turned himself to the threads of others, and to amassing further his greatness by standing upon their shoulders.

Your Leadership score increases by 1.

As a full-round action when standing adjacent to a living humanoid NPC with 3 or fewer hit-dice, you may show to them your compassion, your strength, and willingness to take them up besides you. If they accept your offer, they become, unless you offer them another name, a “Infantrymen”.

“Infantrymen” are rebuilt using the Elite Array, unless their ability scores are already better. When they are conscripted, you may send them away to arm themselves in equipment and knowledge. If you do so, they return in 1d10 days with equipment they can afford using the NPC Wealth Tables, and a number of levels in NPC classes (Usually Warrior) equal to one-third your own class level, rounded down.

Unlike Minions, Infantrymen will not blindly follow any order. They will not follow suicidal commands. However, with nowhere else to go, you never risk losing them for reasons other than death.

You may conscript a number of “Infantrymen” equal to one third the amount of Minions you can command, rounded down.


March of the Lemmings: You gain a special tactical maneuver. As a move action, you may flood the area you stand with your minions, enough to create a large Swarm. If your minions are tiny, as many are, you require 32 minions to create such a swarm. This amount doubles for every size smaller than tiny they are. If you are an unnaturally large Dinyomi, you may create Minions of smaller size than normal, allowing you to take advantage of this mythos.

In this state, your minion swarm gains most Swarm traits, aside from the numbers required to form it. Only minions of size small or lower can become a swarm. They have a total hitpoint pool equal to the number of minions in the swarm + your charisma modifier. They are considered a single entity for purpose of making overrun attempts, gaining a size bonus as if they were a creature of their swarm size, and gain the "Swarm" attack, dealing 1d4+strength modifier (all minions have the same stats, so this is the strength modifier you use), plus an additional 1d4 for every 6 minions in the swarm. These dice increase by one size of every size larger the swarm is.

However many minions make up your swarm, you temporarily lose control of them, as they march on a single enemy you declare. They will attempt to overrun every creature between them and their target. They gain a bonus to hit this target, and to the overrun checks to reach it, equal to your charisma modifier.

At level 10, you may make a huge swarm of double your original minion cost, at level 14, you may make a Gargantuan swarm, and at level 19, you may make a Colossal swarm.

Morale-Enforcing Importance Boost: All of your Infantrymen and Minions gain a +2 to every ability score, and gain Toughness and Improved Toughness as bonus feats.

Purpose-Developing Dignitaries Praise: By spending a full hour in the company of one of a single Infantrymen, praising his dedication to your cause and exemplary skill, you may promote him to a Legionnaire.

Legionnaires gain a +4 to all ability scores, have class levels equal to half your level, rounded down, and may take any non-mythic class instead of NPC classes. They may retrain their class levels as a rate of one level per one day spend training. In addition, Legionnaires may command your Minions as if they were you, unless they give an order that contradicts one of your own. Legionnaires do not count as Infantrymen for purpose of how many infantrymen you can control.

You may only have a number of Legionnaires equal to one third the amount of Infantrymen you can command, rounded down.

Harmony-Breaking Warfare Mogul

Prerequisites: Somber Marauders Accoutrement Prowess
When one thinks of great leaders, many qualities come to mind. The ability to win over his people, to rally them behind his cause, to ensure his people’s safety, and to enforce the laws that he sets forth. How they accomplish these goals come in a variety of ways, but to The Conqueror, one way stands out as far easier than any other. Violence is in your blood.

You gain Greater Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Specialization with all weapons you have used to draw blood.


Physiology-Reproving Study: (Requires “Treacherous Biological Reverse Engineering” mythos) When making a full round attack against a creature with a weapon you have applied poison to, you may subtly alter your strikes to be especially potent. You do not add your strength modifier to damage rolls for attacks made this way, but the DC of your poison increases by 2, as you force the poison directly into the bloodstream.

Forceful Walloping Superiority Complex: As a full-round action, you may strike a creature with a single, overpowering attack. You deal double normal damage, and your target must make a fortitude save or be pushed back 5 feet for every point he failed the save, not provoking attacks of opportunity for this movement. Any foes behind the initial target must succeed at the same saving throw (-2 for each successive enemy hit), or be carried along as well. At the end of the movement, all creatures carried by the attack must make a reflex save or be tripped.

Unthinking Conflict Familiarity: As a full round action, you may move (5 x Your Charisma Modifier) and make a single melee attack. You may use this attack even if you would normally be unable to do so, such as if you are afflicted with a stunning, dazing, paralysis, petrification, or confusion effect. You may only use this technique a number of times equal to your strength modifier each day, but if it is activated while you would be unable to act, you ignore hardness and damage reduction of any kind.

Impairment Over-Looking Peerlessness

Prerequisities: -

You gain a permanent +2 Bonus to every ability score, except for your lowest one. If you have multiple ability scores tied for lowest, you may choose which one does not improve.

You gain two of Iron Will, Great Fortitude, and Lightning Reflexes, ignoring the one pertaining to your lowest saving throw. If you have multiple saving throws tied for the lowest, you may choose which one does not improve.

You gain energy resistance, equal to your class level, to four of the following: Fire, Electricity, Cold, Acid, and Sonic. If you have existing energy resistances, those must be improved firstly.


Unrivaled Inner Pinnacle: You gain a Bonus to saving throws against ability damage and drain. This bonus is equal to your Charisma modifier, but does not affect damage or drain directed at your lowest ability score.

Undisrupted Flowing-Might: You gain damage reduction equal to half your class level, which is beaten out by one of one of Silver, Cold Iron, Good, Chaos, Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Slashing

Intoxicating Corruption-Consuming Invigoration

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror stood not beside the lesser man, nor above him. He stood directly upon them. He made himself taller by making them smaller. Even among his allies, he was without friend. He knew what he wanted, and he knew how to get it. If he could not reach the Golden Emperor himself, he would bring the Sun down to his level. The eternal king and queen could disregard a thousand atrocities, but ten thousand? One Million? However many it took, The Conqueror was eager to volunteer.

As a standard action, you may make a single attack. If you attack a creature that has never injured you, your critical threat range increases by 2, and you deal additional damage equal to your level. If you kill a creature within one minute of attacking a creature in this way, its body becomes nothing, denying a proper burial or any closure for those involved.

Alternatively, as a swift action that provokes an attack of opportunity, you may lay a hand on a creature adjacent to you with hit-dice less than your own, accompanied by a short offer. Either they set aside their weapons, and lay down before you, taking no actions for one round, or face the consequences. If they do surrender, your attacks this round deal no damage to the target. If they do not, you gain a bonus equal to your strength modifier on attack rolls made against that target.

Lastly, as a full round action, you may prolong the suffering of others. Select a single target in view. For the next minute, if that creature would die, it does not. Instead You can mutilate, taunt, feast upon, or any other horrible ideal you wish to partake in upon the not-corpse. The creature cannot be healed by any means, and cannot be killed by you, for a number of years equal to your charisma modifier. Another must come to alleviate its suffering.

Each of these attacks marks the three great atrocities: Death of the Innocent, Subjugation, and Torture of Others. Doing any of these atrocities heals you 1d6 hitpoints. Doing two additional atrocities grants you an additional 1d6. Four more gives you a third d6 of healing, etc. You may heal in this way a number of times equal to your class level each day.


Charming Inner-Vileness: You may forgo the usual atrocity rewarding heal to instead heal one point of ability drain or two points of damage.

Darkness is my Armor: Any round you heal from committing an atrocity, you gain a +5 profane bonus to armor class for 5 minutes. This bonus does not stack, but instead refreshes the duration.

Overarching Malefactor-Tempering

Prerequisites: -

Over time, while The Conqueror built up his armies and his allies, he just as well built enemies. Spurned soldiers, overlooked admirers, those he subjugated. From the depths of their heart, a hatred spurned in them against him for his misgivings. But The Conqueror looked ever upward, to bigger and grander things. But when those with hate in their hearts drew weapons, The Conqueror reveled in their demise.

You gain a +2 to Charisma and Strength.

You gain a new condition to track: Wicked, Heinous, and Nemesis

Against most creatures, you are seen as Wicked. You radiate a faint aura of evil, nearly unnoticeable, but certainly there. Your attacks pass through damage reduction as if they were Evil, and if they already did, you deal your Charisma modifier in additional damage.

Against a creature you have wronged through some moderate ways (Such as attacking them without provocation, stealing a great deal for them, or similar serious but “Minor” ways), you are Heinous. Heinous creatures can never treat you as allies, and vice versa. You gain all the benefits of being wicked, with the following improvements. Both you and creatures who consider you Heinous ignore damage reduction from each other bypassed by specific material, and difficult terrain when moving towards one another. You gain a bonus to attack rolls against Heinous creatures equal to your strength modifier.

Against a creature you have wronged in a major way (Burning down their house, murdering their parents, or similar grave offenses), you are a Nemesis. You gain all the benefits of being Heinous, with the following improvements. Both you and those considered your Nemesis take a penalty to all skill checks and damage rolls equal to your charisma modifier against other creatures when your Nemesis is within view. You gain a bonus to damage rolls and armor class against your Nemesis equal to your Charisma modifier.

You can have a number of Heinous parties equal to your level + your Charisma modifier, but only your charisma modifier in Nemesi. Unlike with most conditions granted by The Conqueror’s Mythos, there is nearly no way to lower this specific condition, short of acts of incredible trickery, memory alteration or an extreme display of apology to the wronged parties, or death.


Hatred Makes the Heart Go Yonder: Your Ego sense field doubles in size, but only to detect creatures that consider you a Nemesis and Heinous. You gain a bonus to spot, listen, and gather information checks about such creatures equal to your charisma modifier.

Reconstituted in Fiery Hatred: Your Wicked, Heinous, Nemesis condition is no longer absolved in death. If you return from the afterlife to find there are those alive who still bear this grudge, you deal bonus to hit and damage equal to your strength modifier, doubled if it was they who killed you.

Rank-Breaking Legends Tread

Prerequisite: -

You gain Natural Heavyweight as a bonus feat. You become altogether denser, increasing your weight by 1.5x what it once was. This grants you a +4 bonus against being tripped, bull rushed, or overran.

When you walk, you leave behind deep, noticeable tracks. Creatures trying to track you treat any ground you walk upon as soft ground, as even stone and steel leave boot prints so clean they could count the ridges.

When you charge, you ignore all difficult terrain, and penalties to armor class for charging. While you charge, the very Earth under your feet quakes in fear, rattling and shaking those around you. All creatures within (10 feet x Your Strength Modifier) must make a reflex save or be tripped, unable to keep even footing. If even a single foe falls in this way, all creatures adjacent to the one who fell are subject to a free action intimate check by you. These quakes also deal damage to structures equal to your strength modifier, ignoring hardness.


Earth-Punishing Ascent: You gain Leap of the Heavens as a Bonus Feat. You gain a bonus to Jump checks equal to your strength modifier, and suffer no armor check penalty for jumping in armor. When you land from a jump of at least 30 feet, treat the area around you as though you charged, but with double the distance of your quake zone.

Concrete Rending Shockwaves: As a standard action, you may make an attack against the earth. Roll for armor class normally. This attack affects all creatures within (10 feet x Strength Modifier) whose armor class you beat out, and create difficult terrain out to 30 feet around you.

Recreational Cliffside Defacing: You gain a climb speed equal to your land speed, as you dig your fingers through the stone and steel you are attempting to climb. You suffer no armor check penalty for the climb skill. In fact, so fluent and easy is your ascension that you may charge up even a solid metal wall, prompting the use of this mythos on all creatures on the ground above you as you climb.


Legion Scattering Cavalier: While you ride a mount, they may benefit from this mythos as well. You may use the higher or your or your mounts strength to determine the distance of the shockwaves.

Meteoring Emperor's’ Entrance: Effects that activate when an opponent charges (Such as Cometary Collision or Readying a weapon against a charge) do not affect you. While charging, you gain a bonus to armor class and attack rolls equal to your strength modifier.

Vermin-Rallying Lordship

Prerequisites: -

The Conqueror saw all those around him as cursed. Forever would they be compared to his greatness, always in the shadow of a higher power, never able to compete with his brilliance. When he took them under his wing, they were still far too weak. Sometimes, a demonstration of weakness is enough to draw out desperate strength.

You take no penalties on attack rolls for dealing subdual damage to your allies. Even if they would normally be immune subdual damage for any reason, an exception is made for you.

At the start of your turn, you may decide if you will take your normal turn, or use the time to motivate your allies. In order to motivate your allies, you must be adjacent to one of your allies. You are then presented with one of three options.

Firstly, you may strike your ally, dealing nonlethal damage as per a weapon or unarmed strike you wield. At the same time, you may also bark out orders to your other allies, showing your displeasure in their current performance. In doing so, you grant a morale bonus to the appropriate actions made to follow such orders to all allies who can see or hear you, equal to half the demonstrations hit-dice, for one round. “Kill them, you damn fools” would grant a bonus to attack and damage rolls. “Stop running into their swords, you imbeciles” would grant a bonus to armor class. Any such simple, direct, and often insulting commands are usable with this mythos. If you choose to deal lethal damage, the effects of this mythos last far a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier, and the bonuses granted increase by 1.

Lastly, as a full round action, you can make an example of one of your underlings. You can perform a coup de grace. Minions will not attempt to save against the effect, but other allies may save if they desire. If you kill an ally in this way, you motivate your underlings to further please you. The bonuses granted by this mythos becomes equal to the slain allies hit-dice, lasts for the remainder of the encounter, and all affected by it gain a +10 morale bonus to fear effects not generated by you.

Enemies that would normally be considered allies as an effect of certain mythos (Such as Inconspicuous Nobility Safeguard and Diamonds-as-Coals Facetious Pretenses) are not counted as allies for the purposes of this mythos.


Productivity-Improving Death Dealer: The DC of Coup De Grace attacks are treated as a mythos, rather than the normal DC.

Radiant Retribution Attack: Enemies against whom you are considered Humbled against count as allies for purpose of triggering mythos that require them.

Votary-Thinning Weaponized Arrogance

Prerequisites: -

When attacking a creature that considers you Glorious, you may make a full attack as a standard action.


Ideality Made Flesh: Against creatures who consider you Glorious, you deal additional damage equal to your Charisma modifier on each attack.

Betrayer Eradicating Dash: You may make a full attack at the end of a charge against a creature that considers you humbled. When a creature commits an act that would make you humbled, they provoke an attack of opportunity from you. This attack may be a charge attack.

Legendary Mythos

Crimson Agony Infliction

Prerequisite: -

What is it about blood that makes some people uneasy? The brilliant red coloration? The dull metallic taste? The smell? Or could it be that the idea of one's insides on the outsides is a horrifying concept? Whatever it is, it’s well known that blood has always been the the measure by which The Conquerors’ regime was bolstered.

Every time you deal damage to a living creature with a weapon (including natural weapons possessed by your mount), you make a point to draw blood, dealing an additional point of damage and gaining a blood charge. When you kill a creature in this way, you gain two blood charges. You may retain a number of blood charges equal to your class level multiplied by your charisma modifier.

When you deal enough damage to drop a target (either putting them below 0 HP or killing them outright), before you collect their blood charge, you may make an additional attack against a creature within range. This attack is made at the same bonus as the attack that killed the first creature, and costs one blood charge. This counts as an attack of opportunity.

Blood charges are often carried about as splatters upon your armor, but can be held in your grasp in any number of ways, and can be spent in a number of ways. By spending one blood charge as a free action, you may manifest a black spear, launching it as an attack, and even making iteratives with them, if you desire. You use your strength modifier for attack rolls made this way. You may spend up to five additional blood charges on the spears creation, granting the amount of additional blood charges as an enchantment bonus to the attack roll and damage roll of these spears.

As a standard action, you can loose the blood from your armor, creating a metaphoric, or sometimes literal, war torn world around you. By spending 2 blood charge, you can manifest difficult terrain around you, out to a radius of 5 feet. This affects air spaces as well. By doubling the amount of blood charges you spend, you may double the radius of difficult terrain. At level 15, halve the cost of creating difficult terrain, and at level 18, double the affected area. This terrain lasts a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier, or as long as you spend one blood charge to power it.

Other uses for blood charges are as follows: As an immediate action, gain (½ Blood Charges Spent) as a bonus to attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws, armor class, or ability checks for one round. You can never spend more than half your maximum blood charges (Rounded up) on a single effect.

You lose a number of blood charges each morning equal to your charisma modifier.


Bird of Hermes Phenomenon: While you have over ¾ your maximum blood charges, you may choose to count as undead while it would benefit you. If you are already undead, you may choose to count as a living creature.

Insatiable Vitality Thirst: While you have below half your maximum blood charges, you gain twice as many blood charges from damaging and killing creatures.

Sacrificial Lambs to the Slaughter: Allies provide twice as many blood charges as usual. Each time you would gain a blood charge, you may instead convert them to hitpoints.

Disregarding Tittering Cretin

Prerequisite: Evil Alignment

An overlord suffers not from the slings and arrows of outrageous Idiocy. Rather, he takes arms against of sea of would be usurpers. And in opposing does he end them. But their existence is not worthless. They are merely stepping stones to declare the power of the overlord.

While you are considered Humbled by any creature in your Ego sense field, your pride flares out from within you, angered at being brought into question. Any creature with your hit-dice or less, that are not under your command, that enters within (10 feet x Your Charisma Modifier) of you is lashed out against, taking 1d6 + Your Charisma Modifier points of Vile damage each round they remain within your burning ego zone, as the sheer intensity of your disdain burns their flesh. If a creature's’ hit dice are 8 or less, they take double damage, and if they are 4 or less, they are doubled yet again. A fortitude save halves this damage. Creatures with 8 or less hit dice cannot attempt a saving throw.

This sheer dedication to your ego strengthens your body, ensuring you reach those egregious fools. Any mundane, non magical weapon simply burns away as it approaches you, taking 1d6 points of damage when an attack roll is made at you, and taking 5d6 damage if the hit is successful. This damage is not reduced against the weapons, and if they are destroyed in the process, the attack has no effect on you.

You gain a highly specified form of detection, Creatures who consider you Humbled give off light like as a torch, shining brightly even in the highest noon or deepest darkness. This effect overrides all but the most elaborate methods of hiding. Decrease the DC to see or hear creatures that consider you humbled by 20.

While a creature within your burning ego zone considers you humbled, your ego heat will lash out only at them, letting you focus your hatred and rage against the one MOST deserving. You deal an additional 1d6 points of vile damage to creatures that consider you humbled. Creatures killed by you while they consider you humbled are sent to an afterlife matching your alignment, to be tortured and mutilated again and again when you get back to them.


Protection Denying Abhorrence: While you are considered Humbled, your burning ego zone can be used to burn away at structures and unattended items as well as living creatures.

Sleeve-Hearted Commanders Influence: Any creature under your command, or that you can wholeheartedly call an ally, deals an additional 1d6 vile damage to creatures that consider you humbled.

Hoard-Rallying Despots Salvo

Prerequisite: -

Decrease the DC for you to be seen by your true allies and those who serve you by 20.

As a full round action while adjacent to a creature you have killed, you may take up the creature (or part of the creature), and display to your allies the direness of the straights you find yourself. This is often accompanied with a war cry, or a violent display (Beheading, Burning, and Splitting your enemies body are classy choices).

All allies, including yourself, who see this act of savage, but commanding, leadership are bolstered, knowing they fight behind the most fearsome, powerful warlord. They gain temporary hit-points equal to you your level, and a dodge bonus to armor class equal to your charisma modifier. They may act as normal when in negative hit-points, and have their negative hit point threshold increased by your strength modifier. While they are in negative hit-points, your allies and followers gain a +4 bonus to Strength.

Those boosted by the effects of this mythos gain a climb speed and a swim speed equal to their base land speed, ensuring no enemy escapes their rush. They gain Damage Reduction 10/Magic, ensuring no mere mortal army can fell them. They gain immunity to fatigue and exhaustion, so the conflict never need end. Lastly, all creatures boosted by this mythos gain an extremely limited version of your ego sense field, able to see through your eyes those most worthy of death. They gain a bonus to damage rolls against creatures who consider you humbled, or who are your nemesis, equal to their strength modifier.

These effects last for the remainder of the encounter, after which you must wait 1d4 days before you can find the strength to rally your people into a singular, unified assault.


Unkempt Lunatic Corps: Your followers who benefit from this mythos gain Deformity:Madness and Improved Unarmed Strike for as long as this mythos is in effect. They will follow suicidal orders without question, and are immune to pain effects of any kind.

Honorbound Guard Division: Your allies provide twice as much cover as they normally would to one another, up to full cover. As an immediate action while you are adjacent to one of your allies, you may move them into the line of fire, providing you with full cover against an incoming attack.

Uncaging Shackled Beasts: If you should die on the battlefield, this mythos automatically activates in any and every follower you command, even those not involved in the battle. They will seek out means to resurrect you, to destroy your enemies, or generally cause death and mayhem. This mythos effect is extended until either you return to life, or one week passes, whichever is shorter.

Horrid-Earth Avoiding Sullen Armour

Prerequisites: “Filthy-World Denying Self Sufficiency”

So dreaded and foreboding is your presence that the light dare not touch you. You are not considered in sunlight so long as you wear armor or clothing that you created with your Craft (Greatness) check. In addition, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can vanish completely from the Earth entirely. You become invisible, inaudible. unscented, intangible, imperceptible in every way, even effects such as True Seeing. You cannot affect anything in the world other than that which you have created (Which appear to vanish when you take them in hand), and the world cannot affect you in turn. You can end this state as another standard action.

In addition, while you realize that the world around you cannot produce up to your standards, their ideas are well worth looking into. By spending 100 gold pieces worth of very basic materials, you can forge a special book. It is called many things but, for now, it is known as the Dusk Grimoire.

The Dusk Grimoire is a fascinating thread of your story. It is a book without limits, infinite pages, always opening to exactly the one you require. When you go to destroy a suit of armor, a weapon, or a shield, you can gain their worth in mythos points OR you can take notes on their essence, their intent, their design, adding it to your Dusk Grimoire. You can then read from the Grimoire, taking a number of minutes equal the the enchantment equivalent of the effect. When it is complete, you may add the effect in question to all your weapons/armors/shields, whichever is most applicable to the enchantment you are trying to add. You may only add enchantments whose total equivalent enchantment is less than 1/4th your class level.


Simply-Superior Quality Assurance: When you apply an enchantment that grants a bonus to skill checks, increase the bonus by half the original amount. In addition, increase the hardness of anything you create by your charisma modifier.

High Class Fiber-Bending Forge: Your weapons count as any metal for purposes of overcoming damage resistance and resistance, and are considered one size category larger for purposes of damage rolls.

A Never Ending Avalanche of Metal: Armor, Shields, Clothing, Weapons, and Ammunition that you created never count against your encumbrance, nor apply any penalty to your skill checks. You can change armor, shields, or weapons with any others you are carrying as a free action.

Myriad Soldier-Summoning Magnetism

Prerequisites: “Greatness-Instilling Exploitive Prestige”

The Conqueror’s army was peerless. Unimaginable in scope and power. Their footsteps shook the foundation of the forming world, their arms inspired by the God-Spear itself. They were become an autonomous, singular, massive entity, all a part of the story of The Conqueror himself. They were his sword. They were his shield. They were his Story.

Your leadership score increases by 2. All creatures you command gain a +20 bonus to see and hear you, and a -20 penalty on checks to resist being intimidated or Bluffed by you.

You may now conscript non-mindless, non-humanoid creatures as Infantrymen. Their racial hit dice are considered class levels for purpose of their maximum possible level. 

All Minions you command gain Toughness as a bonus feat, Increase in size by one category, and hardness equal to your charisma modifier. When a minion dies, it bursts, dealing 1d6 points of damage to everything within 10 feet, reflex save for half. You and any minions you command are immune to this damage, but structures and inanimate objects are not.

All your Infantrymen may trade in levels of NPC classes for PC Classes from the following list, at a rate of one to one: Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian, Paladin (or some Alignment Variation thereof), Ranger, or Scout. Your Legionnaires each gain a single level of Dinyomi, though they may not select the “Lackey-Constructing Maestro’s Commision” mythos.

With five minutes of delegation and deliberation among your forces, you may break up your minions, infantrymen, and legionnaires into any combination to form “units”. You can command an entire unit with a standard action, but only to direct them all to do a single task, such as “Flank their wizards”, “Tear down that wall”, or “Attack the one radiating light like he was the goddamn Sun itself”.

Lastly, with five minutes of reaching out to all those you have marked, you can call them to your position, usually with a dramatic snap of the fingers or clap of the hands. From wherever they are, so long as they are alive, you can draw to you any number of soldiers you may command at one time, who will arrive by your side within the hour.


Unending Generals-Guard Training: All your Minions, Infantrymen, and Legionnaires gain Combat Reflexes and Evasive Reflexes as bonus feats. They may use the higher of their Dexterity or your Charisma to determine the amount of attacks of opportunity they may make in a round.

Might-Maintaining Support Staff: All your Minions and Infantrymen gain +2 to all their ability scores. Legionnaires gain an additional +2 to Strength and Charisma. All those you command gain the Evasion and Mettle class features.

Rank-Breaker Goliath Awakening: (Requires the “Judgement Resolving Underling-Furtherance” Manifestation of “Lackey-Constructing Maestro’s Commision”) Your Special Minion increases in size two categories, gaining all associated benefits. Its hardness improves by 5, its’ hit-points double, and it may use your base attack bonus as a bonus to its attack rolls. When you gain access to Exalted mythos, it grows in size an additional category.

Lordly Militaristic Enforcer Brigade: (Requires the “Purpose-Developing Dignitaries Praise” manifestation of “Greatness Instilling Exploitive Prestige”) With one day fighting besides or with your Legionnaire, you forge a bond of brotherhood that is thicker than shared blood. You may promote them from Legionnaire to General.

Your Generals gain an additional two levels of Dinyomi, and a +2 to Strength and Charisma. Your benefits from Flanking by, Aiding, or Being aided by your generals are doubled. Your Generals may pick the “Lackey-Constructing Maestro’s Commission” Mythos as their second mythos. The total number of Minions in your extended army cannot exceed twice the amount of Minions you can control. Your commands override your generals when it comes to commanding these minions in combat. Lastly, your Generals gain a bonus to Profession (Siege Engineer) checks equal to your level, and no longer count as Legionnaires or purposes of how many you can command at one time.

You may have a number of Generals equal to 1/5th your class level.

Ruinous Dread-Knight Ascendancy

Prerequisites: -

In his “Death”, The Conqueror and The Empyrean would come face to face. The Golden King and Queen and The Dark Lord. The Conqueror looked upon his foe, so perfect, even in slumber. Stooping down at The Empyrean's side, He now stood within reach of that which he had sought for so long. The Light of all things. The Empyrean, who was still unblemished and unbeaten even now. The Conqueror could not beat him/her, it was not the nature of his story. But perhaps he could tap the narrative of another. The Sun was not so invulnerable.

When you take this mythos, you are aware of the existence of your greatest foe. Not an organization, not a company, not a race, not even a team. A single individual whose heart is so filled with hatred for you it burns away at your ego. For this individual, the effects of Imperfect Hollow Selfdom are suspended. You are neither Glorious nor Humbled to this person. They have become something else entirely.

To this person, you are considered to be their opposite in alignment, if you were not already. So long as they know your true identity, you cannot be considered their ally, nor they yours, except by the effects of Dinyomi mythos.

And from this eternal rival, you become something of a twisted mirror.

You gain a dark, corrupted version of some core aspect of your enemy. What exactly this entails it at the discretion of the DM and your enemy, but it should be something appropriate to your enemy. If you're hated foe is a Shining Hearted Crusader, who turned to the church and the sword after you steamrolled over his childhood home because it was “in the way”, perhaps you gain access to some of the more dark and twisted martial schools, turning his teachings back at him. Perhaps your hated foe is a is a Champion, who gained their magical girl powers in a moment of darkness when your armies attacked her, and you too can tap into Illuminations to fight back against her. Even still, maybe your hated enemy is Asmodeus himself, who see’s you as a potential threat to his rightful rule of the Hells, and you have developed some of your own devilish, or perhaps even angelic, powers to even the playing field, however slightly.

In a more static fashion, you gain the Favored Enemy class feature as a ranger of your level, save that your favored enemy is always (Hated Enemy), or in the case of one among many, (Hated Enemy and his Party). You gain a bonus on all checks made to torment, harass, injure, mock, demoralize, or otherwise break, but not kill, your Hated Enemy equal to your Charisma modifier. You take no penalties for dealing subdual damage to your Hated Enemy. You never risk alignment shifts for actions you commit to break, or to set up a break, against your hated enemy. For each act you took that helped to “Break” your enemy, such as killing their parents, burning their house, marrying their wife, etc, you gain 1 point of dread. You can have a total number of Dread Points equal to your Level.

When you face down with your Hated Enemy in one on one combat, or one against many in the case of them traveling with their adventuring group, you gain a bonus to hit and damage them equal to your strength modifier. Each time you strike them, you gain an additional point of dread. In this combat, speaking to one another is a free action between you and your hated foe, no matter how many words are spoken. At any point in this combat you can cash in this dread for one of two purposes: the first, and more obvious, is to cash them all in and convert them to temporary hit-points for the duration of the combat.

Your second option is far more nefarious, and far more risky: You can offer them a touch of your shadowed heart. In order for this to take effect, you must pay a single point of dread each round while you speak to your hated foe, either choosing to attack them or not, it does not matter. It is your words that matter. If you're Hated Foe kills you after you have initiated this speech, he must make a special check. (1d20 + Character Level + Highest Ability Modifier VS Your Dinyomi Level + The Number of Dread Points you spent in the encounter.). He may choose to fail this save. If he does fail, the tainted mirror that is you has left a mark on their mind. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but at some point, they will become you, trading all but one of their class levels for Dinyomi. If a year and one day passes without your hated foe taking up your mantle, someone else will. The seat of power is much too tempting.


From The Depths of Hell do I Rise: If a year and one day pass without your hated foe, or anyone at all, taking up your mantle, you rise from death, intent to reclaim your power. You are considered humbled to all creatures in your Ego-Sense field when you rise in this way, but are otherwise unscathed.

Heroic Wall-Softening Wiles: If you use your dread points in combat to try and convince your hated foe, you may offer them another option. Perhaps they are not truly your hated foe, but one you sought to win over, to impress. Perhaps they are your love. Or perhaps you theirs. By expending all your dread points and proclaiming your love, you both make charisma checks. If you win, you can win over your hated foe in love, however begrudgingly they are to admit it. If you fail, you are overcome with your own love, offering yourself in your entirety to them.

Impossible Camaraderie Heart-Accepting: You gain Broken Sun Amalgam as a bonus feat, and a bonus Anakitos exceptional mythos you meet the prerequisites for.

Exalted Mythos

Climax-Controlling Antagonistic Supremacy

Prerequisites: “Impairment Over-Looking Peerlessness”

When you take this Mythos, you become aware of your own immortal lineage. The steel of lesser men will not consume your heart. The flesh of unworthy masses will not dare touch your own. You are the ultimate overlord, any the only thing between yourself and the world at large is your own ambitions. Well, that, and the single imperfection you have hid so well and so long that even you may have forgotten it.

You gain a +2 to every ability score other than your lowest score. Your hit-points are adjusted so that you have the maximum possible value of hit-points given your hit dice.

In addition, you are nigh immortal. Your hitpoint total cannot be brought to a point where you would die. You always have at least one point in any given ability school. Effects that would destroy you outright instead have their secondary effect activate. Your pride in yourself, your will to command is so great, it denies death itself. When you would die from hit-point damage, you merely enter a period of rest for one minute, before returning to a single hit point

At the same time, somewhere, your weakness is born. Perhaps it a sword forged entirely from a single, flawless diamond tear of the archangels. Perhaps it is a vial of blood from an Anakitos crushed under the heel of a thanatotic titan. Perhaps it is the knife that a demon lord used to sacrifice himself to protect another. Whatever it is, it is something nearly impossible to replicate, something most mortals would scoff at the idea, but that you instinctively dread, for it is your death.

Any creature that wields this single weakness instantly considers you humbled. Whatever the item is, it is indestructible to you or anyone who knows you. While you are in the state of rest from hitting the hit-point threshold, any attack with that specific item deals a single point of hit point damage, and slays you, ignoring the death immunity granted by this mythos.

Hopeless Atmosphere of Scarlet Contention

Prerequisites: “Crimson Agony Infliction” and “Ghastly Aubade-Avoiding Dissemblance”

The damnable light of the Heavens. The Sun, so smug, so pristine in his ascension, without reason to care for the world, a world he continues to fuel, even in his slumber. Sat upon a golden throne, unwavering in might, thought, and deed. Yet not so strong that he could hold out for The Conquerors’ unbridled wrath to face his enemies infinite might. What right has he to touch the home of the Dinyomi?

If, at the start of your turn, you have your maximum amount of blood charges, you gain an untyped +8 bonus to your charisma score. This bonus does not affect the amount of blood charges you can carry.

By expending 100 Blood Charges as a full round action, you may stain the world around you. The clouds above you become a deep, harsh ruby color that block any and all sunlight in a radius of 5 feet per class level level. Flight of any kind is impossible with an area untouched by sunlight because of this mythos, and the area is considered desecrated. Any rain, rainbows, fog, or other weather effect that occurs within this area is tainted a shade of red as well. This effect does not end until you are dead or completely run out of blood charges. Each month you must spend an additional 100 blood charges to reimburse the crimson sky with your will to expand.

Each night at midnight, so long as you are within the area of the blood mist, the radius of the mist doubles. If the original mist was 80 feet, then the next night it will become 160 feet, and the next night 320 feet, etc. This mist does not travel with you, instead become focused on a single location. Any creature killed in this location grants you a blood charge, even if you were not there when it happened, and the radius of the blood mist increases by ten feet. Creatures killed in this area cannot be raised, and creatures born in this area are born Vampires. These vampiric children will never attack you, or any creature whom you command.

You may choose to reverse, halt, or restart the growth of the blood mist each night.

While you are within the blood mist, you may spend any number of blood charges. You gain a profane bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and skill checks equal to 1/6th of the blood charges your spent. By spending an additional blood charge, you can mark an ally, granting them half these bonuses as well. This cost must be repaid every midnight, though you can alter the blood price for the next night as a swift action.

Immortal Sin-Monument Assembly

Prerequisites: -

By spending a full hour meditating in an area where you and your army have killed over 100 people, you can call to mind in vivid detail a structure of unimaginable magnificence and power. A monument to your legend. And, with a wave of your hand, you make it so.

You create a Palace, a miniature nation surrounding the seat of your power, whose outer walls may extend outward to cover a radius of 100 miles, and upward up to half a mile. These walls spring up from the ground, splitting mountains, homes, and anything whose hardness is less than that of another "Immortal Sin-Monument". Creatures in the area where your walls will rise get a reflex save to avoid them, or else are launched into the air as your walls come up. You may also include with these designs non-magical furnishings, livestock, and laborers, up to ten million gold pieces. While the exact furnishings, detailments, layout, and other less important factors are up to your design, a few things remain constant.

NPC residents of the area you have conquered (If there were any) with hit-dice equal to (Your ECL-5) are unlikely to fight against you, taking solace in the fact that with a new king comes protection, or whatever else they must tell themselves to get through their drab and dreary existence. Others may turn on you, seek to dethrone you. Once all such squatters have been dealt with, (they will come to you, in time), the place truly becomes your palace, and your "Throne Room" is established.

Firstly, the important structures of your palace (Such as the outer walls and the actual castle portion of the palace) are nearly indestructible, no matter what material you choose for them to be made of. Whether you're palace be made of Stone, Ice, Bones, or Adamantine, your palaces vital structures have hardness 50 and 50 Hit-Points per inch of thickness. It does not rust, and is immune to being reshaped (such as the Warp Metal Spell) by any other than yourself. If this metal is somehow removed from your vital structures in some way, it becomes dust the first time someone tries to repurpose it.

Within your walls, those who serve under you are immune to fatigue, exhaustion, paralysis, petrification, stunning, slowing, or entangling effects. Minions, Infantrymen, Legionnaires, and Generals fighting within your walls gain a +2 to all ability scores, so long as these scores are no higher than your own -2.

Next is The Throne Room. No matter how you build your palace, whether it contains an actual castle or not, you must designate a specific area to be your throne room, and a specific singular furniture to be your throne. While most Dinyomi will choose a literal throne, some more esoteric conquerors may choose a bed, a coffin, or any other furniture. While you rest in your throne, you gain fast healing 5 and do not age. If you spend at least one hour in your throne room, admiring yourself, making kingly decisions without the people's’ consent, or other similar royal activities, you gain a +4 bonus to strength and charisma for the next 24 hours. This effect does not stack, instead refreshing the duration.

In addition, you are intricately and exactly familiar with all aspects of your palace. You gain a +30 bonus on Spot, Listen, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering), Knowledge (Local), or Search checks to discern if something is amiss in your palace, doubled if the area is specifically your Throne Room. If an enemy infiltrates your throne room and you find out about it only after they have left, you are considered humbled to them.

Finally, those within your walls gain a +100 bonus to see and hear you when you issue a commandment, order, threat, or decree unto them.

Unmatchable God-Emperor Eminence

Prerequisites: -

The Path of The Conqueror was paved with that which was lesser. Lesser beings, lesser titans, lesser ideologies, anything that could not match the standards he set was subsumed or consumed. No ground was too sacred, no tactics too heartless, nothing to inhibit him from the path to glory. But between corpses and comrades, there were admirers. And admiration does a lot for the budding ego.

The radius of your Ego Sense field doubles. In addition to Glorious and Humbled, you gain an additional measure within your Ego Sense field: Worshipped.

Worshippers might come to you for a number of reasons. Perhaps evil individuals see you as a prosperous source of power. Good people might see you as the radical change the world needs. Maybe you turned the tides of battle protecting a city you had plans to conquer in your own name. Maybe they’re just crazy. Whatever the reason, so long as you are an active “productive” Dinyomi, they will come. You gain a competence bonus to skills equal to 1 for every 7,500 worshippers in your Ego Sense field.

Once you are worshipped by 100 people, you may select a single domain most closely tied to your repertoire to gift to clerics of your faith, or perhaps create your own if nothing seems especially fitting. You are immune to the effects of spells you can grant to others in this way. You also gain a +2 to any ability score.

Once you reach 500 worshippers, you may select an additional domain to grant to clerics in your name. You gain a fly speed equal to half your base movement with average maneuverability. You may also cast spells from these domains as Supernatural Abilities, so long as the total level of spells you cast in one day by this mythos is less than your Charisma modifier.

Once you reach 1000 worshippers, your fly speed doubles and you increase to good maneuverability. You gain damage reduction 10/+3, and spell resistance equal to your class level +5.

At 10,000 worshippers, you choose your third and final domain. Your fly maneuverability improves to Perfect. Your damage reduction becomes 20/+4, and your spell resistance increases by 5. You gain a +2 to all your stats.

At 100,000 worshippers, you gain immunity to Transmutation, Energy Drain, Ability Damage, Ability Drain, and Mind Effects. You damage reduction improves by 5 and your Spell resistance increases by 3. These increases stack with themselves, and are repeated every 100,000 worshippers you accrue.

Attacks you make against your worshippers always count as Coup de Graces, even if they were normal attacks. Thrown Worshippers deal, and take, 2d6 additional damage. Worshippers always offer double blood charges. Worshippers take a -40 penalty to avoid being bluffed or intimidated by you. Worshipper Infantrymen will follow even suicidal orders, and gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls against creatures that have injured you in the last 24 hours.

Worshippers are always treated as fanatical towards you, and will act in (what they assume to be) your best interest. No matter their alignment, Worshippers always go to the same afterlife as you when they perish, paving the way for your take over of those distant realms.


Advantages Pressing Martial Pride

Prerequisites: -

When you make an attack of opportunity against a target who considers you Glorious, you may make a free action Trip or Bull-Rush attempt as well as a normal attack. These actions do not provoke attacks of opportunity. You may only make one such check each round. You may count a creature as one size category smaller than it really is for purposes of making Trip or Bull-Rush attempts.

Contemplating Inevitable Victory

Prerequisites: Must have at least 3 skill at maximum ranks

The day is full of victories great and small for the conquerors descendents. Every encounter is a challenge for them to overcome, every meeting a display of skill, and every victory is to be celebrated in its own way. But ensuring his own greatness is vital to these efforts, and defending the ego is paramount.

Select three skills you have max ranks in. With one full day of training with these skills, you cement your confidence in them. You can take 10 on these skills even under pressure. When you gain access to Fantastic mythos, you can take 13. With legendary mythos you can take 16, and with Exalted Mythos you can take 19.

You may purchase this excellency multiple times, each time selecting three different skill to add to your repertoire.

Glittering Mental Fortification

Prerequisites: -

The Ego is The Self. To deny one is to deny the other, to attack one is to attack both. They are as hand in hand as the heart is to hatred. What self respecting ruler would allow himself to be subjected to the commands, the delusions, of others?

You gain Unnatural Will as a bonus feat.

Heart Seeking Anger Channel

Prerequisites: -

You gain a bonus on rolls to confirm critical hits equal to your strength modifier.

You ignore any concealment and/or cover less than 100% if the target considers you Humbled. Against these people, your critical threat range with all weapons increases by 1.

Impossibly Outlandish Flesh Empire

Prerequisites: "Lackey-Constructing Maestro's Commission" and one Exalted Mythos

Your leadership score granted by "Lackey-Constructing Maestro's Commission" improves to become that of Epic Leadership. Until you actually reach "Epic" levels, you may only hold an army as if your leadership score only improved by one for every two points beyond 25. 

(As an example, a 19th level Dinyomi with a permanent charisma of 30 would have an actual Leadership score of 29, but because he is not yet epic, it is treated as though it were 27.)

Irrationally Functional Fashionista

Prerequisites: -

In the world of the up and coming dark lord, appearances are important. But so is murder, arson, political manipulation, commanding vast armies, and traversing great lands in search of greater power. For this reason, one must put extra care into those acts, so as to better put himself over the people in both ways.

As long as you are wearing medium or heavier armor, you may add your charisma modifier as a grace bonus to Balance, Climb, Swim, and Tumble checks. Your armor also never rusts, and is always polished to a mirror like shine, counting as a masterwork tool for Diplomacy.

Limit-Shattering (Ability) Renovation

Prerequisites: One Fantastic Mythos

Choose one of Strength or Charisma. This Excellency may be purchased once for each Ability Score, granting a +2 enhancement bonus to the chosen ability.

Once you have at least one Legendary Mythos known, this Excellency may be purchased a second time for each Ability Score. This second purchase increases the enhancement bonus by 4, to a total of +6.

Malevolence Accepting Impunity

Prerequisites: Evil Alignment

The concept of evil, gnawing away at the depths of men’s souls, trying their goodliness and tempting them with all manner of rewards is absolutely true. For the good man, luck rewards can push people over the edge. For those cut from a darker cloth, they offer nothing but pleasantries.

You ignore any negative consequences for acquiring depravity or taint. You gain Surge of Malevolence (If you are immune to taint) or Lunatic Insight (If you are immune to Depravity).

You may take this excellency twice.

Nature-Bullying Motivator

Prerequisite: -

You may use your Intimidate skill in place of Handle Animal to train or push animals. If they are suffering from subdual damage, the DC decreases by 2, rather than increases. You can also train as many as (Your Charisma Modifier) animals at one time, and take no penalty for doing so.

Offensive Custom Overriding Beration

Prerequisites: -

Whenever you come across a creature speaking a language you do not understand, you may strike it as an immediate attack of opportunity. If this attack is successful, your target must make a will save against your class level + your strength modifier. If they fail, you have successfully instilled your xenophobic repulsion at their primitive customs. They will attempt, to the best of their ability, to speak a Language you do know, often in a more broken form than you are used to. If they attempt to use another language you do not know, you may attack them once again.

Propitiatory Landmass-Lauding Attention

Prerequisites: One Fantastic Mythos

Through some combination of threatening, coercion, deal making, and generally good business tactics, you have found yourself in posesssion of a large wealth of currency, or patron to provide it for you. Naturally, a budding ruler requires 

You gain Landlord (Stronghold Builders Guide) as a Bonus Feat. If you are not already level 9, you gain the benefits of this feat as though you were level 9, and gaining future bonuses at the normal level they would be earned. Reduce the penalties for building in specific areas (such as Cold or Marsh) by 5%, to a minimum of 0. Your Stronghold can never gain any form Planar Mobility, though you may build multiple strongholds in multiple planes, if your funds allow it. In addition, any room you are currently residing in is treated as a Chamber of Hidden Character, save that the caster level is as your class level.

While resting within your stronghold built through the Landlord feat, you heal from Ability Drain as though it was Ability Damage.

This Excellency can be taken multiple times. Each time it is, you gain an additional 2,000 GP per budget level (2,000 at 9, 4,000 at 10, etc) cap to your maximum returned investment on your stronghold. 

Resplendent Kingly Appeal

Prerequisite: “Lackey-Constructing Maestro’s Commision” or the Leadership feat

Your Leadership score improves by 1.

This excallency can be purchased multiple times, one for each tier of mythos. When you have access to Fantastic Mythos, you can purchase it again for another +1 to your Leadership score. At the Legendary level, you gain 2. And at the Exalted level, you gain 3.

[Skill]-Expanding Internal Reverie

Prerequisites: -

Long, Long ago, in the infancy of his rebellion, when he was a fledgling titan floating among greater stories, he admired their ability to exceed in their fields. Looking back, he thought, why exceed in your field, when you can excel in every field?

Choose a Dinyomi class skill you do not currently have ranks in.

By spending five minutes of contemplation of every aspect of the skill, like so many battles before, you conquer it, and make it your own, immediately gaining 4 ranks in the chosen skill.

Every day after you take this excellency, every day after you gain this Excellency, you add one more rank to the chosen skill, until you reach the maximum number of ranks you may have in that skill. This continues as your capacity for new skill ranks increases, always ensuring you have the maximum mastery available.

If the skill is Ride, Intimidate, or any Knowledge skill, you also gain Skill Focus in that skill, as you grow closer to your Mythic Forefather.

This Excellency may be learned multiple times, once for every Dinyomi class skill.

Snickering in Detestable Glee

Prerequisites: 4 Ranks in Intimidate

How funny is it that the masses think to compare to you? That your enemies do not wake up in sweat and tears? That they think they can offer you even a modicum of challenge? To the budding Conqueror, such ridiculous notions do much for his mood, and very little for enemy morale.

The first time an enemy misses you in combat, you may, as an immediate action, make a Laugh of Opportunity, cackling with delight at their futility. This acts an intimidate check, even if the opponent is not within your threatened area. If this check is successful, your opponent is left shaken for a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier, and you heal 1d4 points of damage. This can be performed any number of times a day, but only once per person. Doing a particularly heinous deed or foul trick may prompt a Laugh of Opportunity, at your DM's discretion. If you actually laugh maniacally, increase the Intimidate DC by 2.

Whats-Yours-Is-Mine Comprehension

Prerequisites: 4 ranks in Sleight of Hand

You gain Improved Disarm as a Bonus Feat.

When you successfully disarm your opponent, even if you are armed, you may take their weapon and store it somewhere on your person.

You can steal larger items depending on the mythos you have access to. If you have fantastic mythos, you can steal items roughly the size of a loaf of bread or a baby at no penalty. If you have legendary, then Katana’s or Dragon Eggs can become acceptable prey. At the exalted level, suits of armor or barrels of weapons are as easy to lift as a coin purse.

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