"At bottom, you see, we are not Homo-sapiens at all. Our core is madness. The prime directive is murder. What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherf*ckers in the jungle” ~ Stephen King 

The Epifovian

Before the first mortal tread upon the material planes, there was the gods. Before those gods, the Great Wheel was crafted by the might of the Lawgivers. Before the Lawgivers, existence was ravaged by the Titans. And before the Titans, there was the Far Realms, a place of Nightmares. In the grand story that is the universe, the Far-Plane exists as but a plot hole, made by no one and ended by no one, just pure, undiluted, existence. But the Far Realm was not devoid of all life, was not lacking in its own means of reaching out unto the true narratives of the prime plane. Within that den of horror and foul existence, a titan was forged from the growing dread of that wretched place.

He knew no happiness, no hope, no sorrow. He knew only the overwhelming sensations of the Far Plane. He only knew the gripping nihilism of life without any dreams or hopes or emotional input, only of the horrors that surrounded him. But Over the centuries, over Eons of truly being alone, he grew to revel in his absolute existence. When he crawled out from his pit, out unto the fields of the other Titans, they recoiled at the sight. They had not known fear, they had not known dread, but this Titan was composed only of such feelings. He was dubbed by his fellows as Fear, and when first it was seen by the Lawgivers, it was slain immediately, and its body cast back into the ravishes of the Far Realm. But Myths have a strange way of persisting long past their ends.

In the back of their minds, the creators could not forget the sight of that which was known as Nightmare. It became a part of their minds, a feeling in their subconscious, a blight on their otherwise indomitable existence. They recreated such fear in the mortals they crafted, unknowingly casting them into a life knowing the fear that cause the First Gods themselves to recoil in revulsion. The original Fear began to reform, in the hearts and minds of those who walked upon the great wheel. In a way, it became in death a greater driving force in the earthly narrative, than it ever could have in life. In death, The Nightmare was given shape.

All are born with the ability to fear. They may grow out of said ability, and it may be years before they realize they can be made to fear, but all possess the ability. But not all are born of fear. Not all undergo such horrors as to have their entire faith shaken. Not all view such primal terrors that would leave the minds of lesser mortals broken. Not all understand the revelations of Original Fear. For those who do walk his path, who embrace Terror as a means of strength, they may master the primordial arts of that Titan which should not have lived. To them, “Unafraid” is a mistranslation of “Ignorant”.

They are the mortals who can tap into the primal instincts of one of the first existences. Generations of their kind have learned the secrets of the unwieldy Far-Plane, and Generations more will after them. These inborn instincts can be traced back to The Nightmare himself, who rots and decays in that destitute pit, letting his existence blossom out unto the great wheel, spreading his legend, watching even in death, silently pushing those of his ascendents closer to his dream of perfect life.

For those who follow those pushes, they are forever dubbed under the name of “Epifovian”

Basic Abilities

The Epifovian has the following game statistics.

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (All), Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble

Skill Points at 1st Level: (6+Intelligence Modifier) x 4

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6+ Intelligence Modifier

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Ref Will Special Mythos Excellencies
1st +1 +2 +2 +2 The Nightmare's Mythos, Mythos Known, Exceptional Mythos, Terrifying Excellence, Unreal Existence, Far-Spawn Taint I +2 +1
2nd +2 +3 +3 +3 +0 +1
3rd +3 +3 +3 +3 Far-Spawn Taint II +1 +0
4th +4 +4 +4 +4 +0 +1
5th +5 +4 +4 +4 Far-Spawn Taint III +1 +0
6th +6/+1 +5 +5 +5 +0 +1
7th +7/+2 +5 +5 +5 Fantastic Mythos +1 +1
8th +8/+3 +6 +6 +6 Far-Spawn Taint IV +0 +1
9th +9/+4 +6 +6 +6 +1 +0
10th +10/+5 +7 +7 +7 Far-Spawn Taint V +0 +1
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +7 +7 +1 +0
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +8 +8 +0 +1
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +8 +8 Legendary Mythos, Far-Spawn Taint VI +1 +1
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +9 +9 +0 +1
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +9 +9 Far-Spawn Taint VII +1 +0
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +10 +10 +0 +1
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +10 Far-Spawn Taint VIII +1 +0
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +11 +11 +0 +1
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +11 +11 Exalted Mythos +1 +1
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +12 +12 +1 +1

Class Features 

The Nightmare's Mythos: An Epifovian's power is expressed in terms of one or more "Mythos", the building blocks of the legend that they are, and the stories that they have told and will tell. While any given Mythos varies from the rest, they share some similar traits. They are always Extraordinary abilities, and when they reference a difficulty class for an imposed saving throw, that saving throw is always calculated as (10 + 1/2 class level + Wisdom modifier, unless otherwise stated). When a Mythos references a "level" that is not clearly defined in some other way, such as "character level", it refers to "class level" as in the number of levels one has in the Epifovian class. When a Mythos references "allies", it specifically does not refer to the Epifovian using it. When a Mythos grants a feat as a bonus feat, it is regardless of whether the character meets the prerequisites for that feat (unless otherwise stated), and if the character already possesses that feat (in some permanent fashion – via the normal allotment gained by leveling up, or through another Mythos, and so on, but not those gained temporarily, such as via a "Heroics" spell), they must replace the prior instance of that feat with another feat that they qualify for.

Every Mythos has a Tier. The Tier of a Mythos ranges from 1 to 4, typically referred to as Exceptional, Fantastic, Legendary, and Exalted. The Exceptional Mythos of the Epifovian belongs to the lowliest of horrors, that which would make you wince at the sight, a double-checking of the locks, those who lurk just out of sight, a rumor, a whisper of the fear this world may produce, but nothing more. The Fantastic Mythos of the Epifovian draw to mind creatures of Horror stories, that which you would recoil from the sight, a creature whose form is enough to linger on your thoughts for days afterward, a beast whose existence has started to manifest the shadow of the Far Realms. The Legendary Mythos of the Epifovian are held by true nightmares, living abominations of flesh and of dread, so grand are his descriptions that few would believe such things can be drawn even from ideas, much less made of true flesh. While a Legendary Epifovian is a walking horror, an Exalted Epifovian has evolved beyond description. He is an Amalgam of parts, of ideas, or terrors, of every terrible thought ever had by a living being. They have become Primal nightmares, the type of horror that can never truly be unseen, nor could they ever truly be described. They live on the edge, between existence upon this plane, and life in the Primal Horror of the Far Realms they now can call home. None has existed who did not fear even a chance encounter with the Exalted Epifovian.

Some Mythos, in addition to their initial stated effect, have Basic and Advanced manifestations. When an Epifovian gains access to a Mythos with a list of Basic manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit immediately as well. This choice may not be changed later. When an Epifovian gains access to a Mythos with a list of advanced manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit upon achieving their next level of Epifovian. This choice may be changed at any point before receiving the chosen manifestation itself, but not after (choosing beforehand is just an easy way to mark it down on your character sheet so you don't forget that you'll be getting something later).

Mythos Known: A 1st level Epifovian begins play with two Exceptional Mythos that he qualifies for, if this is his first level in a PC character class. At higher levels, he gains additional Mythos as noted on the Epifovian class table.

For characters that multiclass into Epifovian after having taken levels in another PC character class, the 1st level of the Epifovian class grants only a single Exceptional Mythos, rather than two.

An Epifovian also has the ability to learn mythos beyond those allotted to him by leveling up by performing certain tasks. While an Epifovian is a creature of horror, there’s a certain level of horror in ruining that which once was beautiful. By laying waste to magical items, destroying them utterly and completely, rendering them useless, or worse, the Epifovian can gain the items value in Mythos Points.

By spending 1,000 Mythos Points, and 250xp, he may learn an Exceptional Mythos. A Fantastic Mythos requires 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp. A Legendary Mythos takes 10,000 Mythos Points, and 1,000xp. And an Exalted Mythos takes 20,000 Mythos Points and 2,000xp.

For half the listed price for a given Tier, an Epifovian may learn a Basic or Advanced manifestation of a Mythos they already know of that Tier.

Learning Mythos above the standard requires a horror in a soul that is so impure and corrupted it dreams of little else. An Epifovian may only utilize this ability while more than half of his effective character level (ECL) is devoted to levels in the Epifovian class.

Terrifying Excellence: As denoted on their class table, an Epifovian gains a certain number of abilities known as "Excellencies". These tend to be more general, generic, and passive than a Mythos, but are useful nonetheless, and are drawn from their own separate list, unsegregated by Tiers. Like a Mythos, an Epifovian may learn more Excellencies above their allotted amount. Each one costs 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp, plus an additional 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp for each time a new Excellency is innovated beyond the first. (So, 2,000mp and 200xp for the second, 3,000mp and 300xp for the third, etc.)

Unreal Existence: As the Epifovian grows closer and closer to the point of original fear, the lingering wills of the Titan’s existence give to them gifts to ensure their continual advancements. The Epifovian does not plan, he does not carry himself with grace, nor is a walking rampage, rather he was born with the capacity to create terror; he is a creature born purely of instinct. The lineage of the Epifovian is in his mind always, and they whisper to him terrible secrets, that he may better survive to pass along what they had started. 

At first level, an Epifovian may use his wisdom in place of charisma to determine his bonus to Intimidate checks, as well as add his wisdom modifier to his Armour Class when in light or no armor, with the thousand conflicts of his horrid predecessors giving him insight into combats from Eons past. This bonus applies to his touch and flat footed AC.

Far-Spawn Taint: The Horrors of this world would not do well to leave no mark upon the flesh of lesser mortals, nor to share in it. At first level, the Epifovian gains Abberation Blood or Mourning Mutate as a bonus feat, as his skin takes on a faint sickly tone of some unearthly color. He also gains a bonus to Intimidate equal to his Far-Spawn Taint Class Features, but a penalty to all other charisma checks.

At third level, the instinct of ages molds the Epifovian’s mind to better suit the needs of his chosen path. The Epifovian may use his wisdom bonus in place of his intelligence bonus to determine his bonus skill points per level. He gains this bonus retroactively.

At Fifth level, the Epifovian begins to draw strength from his memories. He recalls the Far-Realm, he knows the depths of greatest terror, and he embraces them. At 5th level, whenever the Epifovian would be subjected to a fear effect, he does not grow weaker from it, but instead grows stronger. Any fear effect directed at the Epifovian is delayed for 1 minute per 5 Epifovian levels, and during this point he gains a perfection bonus to all skill checks and attack rolls, with the value depending on the level of fear. (+2 for shaken, +4 for frightened, or +8 for panicked). If another fear effect should occur to the Epifovian during that time, he is immediately stricken with the greater of the fear effects, and his skill and attack roll bonuses are wasted. In addition the Epifovian's natural attacks gain a +1 enhancement bonus to hit and damage.

At Eighth level, the Epifovian’s wealth of otherworldly knowledge and instincts finally gifts him with a form worthy of his path. An Epifovian’s type become outsider, save he is always considered on his home plane. Furthermore, the Epifovian has finally realized how the horror in him may truly manifest. As a swift action, an Epifovian may glimpse his home plane, instilling within him any level of fear he desires, and gaining the bonuses above. The actual fear of the event is staved till the end of the encounter, last for one minutes, and can be delayed no longer. This can be done a number of times per day equal to the Epifovian's Wisdom Modifier.

At tenth level, the Epifovian becomes indistinguishable from the horror from where his legends first began, and he is counted as his original type, the Outsider type, and the Abberation type, whichever would be most beneficial. In addition all his natural attacks improve to a +2 enhancement bonus. This increases to +3 at 13, +4 at 15, and +5 at 17.

Exceptional Mythos

Instinctual Nightmare-Creature Remembrance

Prerequisites: At Least 1 natural attack

An Epifovian is never alone. He is the byproduct of a thousand lifetimes, a thousand monstrosities before him, tracing all the way back to Primal Fear itself. Not through direct lineage, but those who glimpsed horror, those psychopaths who enjoyed their torment, or the unfortunate hybrids of Far-Spawn and Mortals. All are equally likely in the path to the Epifovian. These lifetimes echo through their memories, shaping their form and pulling their will further into the darkness. Some reject these ideals, but to others, the lifetimes of the ages are as an open book unto them. And from them, they can glean a more efficient style of defending yourself, and attacking.

You may use your Dexterity Modifier in place of your strength to determine your bonuses to attack and damage rolls when attacking with natural attack. This bonus replaces the normal bonus for a high strength. This counts as Weapon Finesse for purposes of prerequisites.


Predatory Forebearers Reflexes: You may add your Wisdom Modifier as an Abberant bonus to your Initiative and Reflex saves.

Flesh Twisting Athleticism Enrichment: You may add your Dexterity modifier as an Abberant bonus to Climb, Concentration, Jump, and Swim Skill Checks, as well as using your dexterity in place of your strength to determine your maximum lift and carry.

Muscle-Bursting Agility Booster: You mad add your Dexterity modifier to your strength score, so long as your final strength score is not brought above your natural, unboosted Dexterity. You may add your strength modifier to attack rolls made with primary natural attacks, or half that amount to secondary natural attacks.

Ancestor-Calling Pneumonic Appendage

Prerequisites: -

Nightmares are not stupid. They are not fools. Their self-awareness is well beyond that held by most. They can gleam truth in their own maddening dreams, and may know that which was impossible. All nightmares are as one, all experiences in every life are a library to trove. By calling out to those memories, you bring them, and those who held them, closer to your life.

You gain a tentacle attack as a primary natural weapon. The Tentacle deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. It has a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tentacle in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only 1/2 your Strength bonus to the damage roll. 

This tentacle contains a shred of your ancestors collective wisdom and knowledge. You gain an inherent bonus to all intelligence related skills and checks equal to the number of tentacle attacks you possess. In addition, you may pick two class skills that are not on the Epifovian skill list. You are permanently counted as having maximum ranks in the selected skill.

All Encompassing Torment Juristriction

Prerequisites: At least one natural attact

This world is so malleable to one who knows a world of dread. You do not belong in this world, and the universe knows it. The very existence of things fears your ability, and attempts to suffice you with offerings of power. You are in control of your existence, and through such understandings, you can cause pain and spread malice in ways that truly should not be possible.

You gain a Natural weapon identical to the one you already had. If you had multiple natural weapons before selecting this Mythos, you must decide which one this mythos allows you to replicate.

You gain a bonus to the reach of all your natural attacks equal to 5 plus an additional five feet for every five Epifovian levels you possess, as your attacks seem to stretch and skew across the battlefield to strike at your foes.


Far Reaching Tendrils of Destruction: The reach of your tentacles is increased from your other attacks, gaining an additional 10 feet to their reach, though suffering a -1 to attack rolls.

Unorthodox Malice Placement: Your natural attacks are capable of flanking with one another, assuming you have a number of natural attacks on each side equal to the number on the opposing side 

Pregenerate Husk Bestowment

Prerequisites: Epifovian Level 4

Horror has a funny way of spreading itself. The screams of those fleeing from a haunting house lead to nightmares of children who watch them flee. Horror leads to horror, and it is through this simple fact of nature that the Epifovian has been allowed to exist. Horror manifested, the Epifovian can take advantage of his legacy, his birth of terror, to create an embodiment of his own terror and his own horrid appearance. Born of the loneliness of the horrors origin, a faithful beast of his own flesh, a nightmare to accompany his own dread.

You gain an Animal Companion as if you were a Druid of his level -3, save for the following exceptions. 

Firstly, in taking on the base creature as your Animal Companion, you bond it to yourself by a thin line of flesh to its nerves, much like a Leash. This leash has a reach of 30 feet. If the beast moves further than that, the tendril severs, and both you and the beast take 1 point of bleed damage each round until you reattach the leash as a swift action. This leash is considered a tentacle for purposes of extending its reach, but the animal companion gains all the same bonuses you do on natural attacks for its own natural attacks. The Animal Companion also gains 2 tentacle attacks as primary natural attacks, both with a reach of 10 feet, and dealing damage of a tentacle attack of the creatures size.


Continual Life-Form Boon: You cannot gain this Manifestation before 6th level. You gain an additional animal companion as if you were a druid of your level -5. All other bonuses described by this Mythos apply to this animal companion as well.

I Giveth to Mine Gifts: Your animal companion gains a single Exceptional Mythos from this class. This mythos must be one that you already possess, and cannot be “Pregenerate Husk Bestowment”.

Non-Euclidean Embracing Dimensions

Prerequisites: -

The Far-Plane has a unique effect on the nature of perception. That which seems to be large from afar may in fact be small up close. That which appears to prove no threat may in fact house abhorrent insides that had not been seen before. Why you should you not embrace all aspects of your own heritage. They may see you as one, but the nature of true fear comes in not knowing, so why should you be defined by absolutes, what point is there too a nightmare existing alone in this space, when it could be so much more?

You gain the Powerful Build racial trait. You also gain the inverse of Powerful Build, which allows you to count as smaller size when it would benefit you, such as on attacking rolls and hide checks. Because of the Nature by which you gained these effects, you may benefit from both simultaneously, should such conditions be made that you would


Brutality from Beyond: (Must Possess the “Hands Hungering for Demise” Mythos) Your unarmed strikes deal damage of a creature of your highest effective size.

Flesh Stretching Fear- Lord Physics: Your effective threatened range, for purposes of making intimidate checks, improved to that of the largest creature you can be considered.

Further Skewed Existence Extrapolation: You may not purchase this manifestation before 7th level. You are counted as two sizes larger or smaller when it would benefit you. You may take this advancement again after level 13th and 19th level, at which point you can be counted at an additional size larger and smaller by this mythos.

Lineage Celebrating Flesh Companion

Prerequisites: -

In the beginning, the dread was always alone. He had nothing with him to stave off his loneliness. Eventually he would go mad, and his madness, he found a friend. though never truly there, that voice was helpful in liberating him from his aloneness. He went beyond singular, he manifested further personality. He gave life to that which already was alive, and the world bended to fit his mad dreams. This is but an extent of that madness.

You gain a tentacle attack as a primary natural weapon. The Tentacle deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. It has a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tentacle in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only 1/2 your Strength bonus to the damage roll. 

This tentacle possesses mental stats, (14, 16, and 12, arranged as desired). It gains 3+Int Mod skill points per class level you possess. It's class skills are Intimidate, Knowledge (Planes), Knowledge (History), Listen, Sleight of Hand, and Spot. It can be communicated with, though only he can hear its responses. The tentacle is fully aware, and can be used to check around corners, create plans, or even to manipulate fine objects. The tentacle can collect sensory information as though it had eyes, ears, and nose. This is considered a familiar for purposes of prerequisites.


Transference of Maddening Friendship: The Epifovian may transfer the effects of any Mind-Effecting spells that are directed at him into his Flesh Companion. These Effects last for half the normal time, and while they persist, the Epifovian may not transfer further spells in the same manner.

Vicious Protectorate of the Host: The Flesh Companion gains a bite attack in addition to its normal tentacle attack, dealing 1d4 piercing damage to the target. This attack is in addition to the Tentacles normal attack, and can have poison applied to it as though it where a normal weapon, with no chance of poisoning the Epifovian should he fail. 

Accelerated Heart-Rate Tenacity

Prerequisites: -

The Epifovian is a creature who not only craves fear, he requires it. Inborn into him is a hunger for Terror that few could ever realize or recreate. But when he staves off this hunger, his clarity grows sharper, his mind comes to understand further, he becomes a greater terror. Heaven forbid the mind of an Epifovian who has quenched his thirst for Fear, for such a mind would be open to the infinite.

You gain Lifesense as a Bonus Feat. Creatures currently under a fear effect give off light as a creature one size larger. In addition, for every creature within a radius of five feet per Epifovian Level that is under the effect of a fear effect, including yourself, you gains a +1 Morale bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and skill checks with Epifovian Class Skills. However, in realizing his hunger for terror, you can be sated by little else. If 24 hours pass in which you does not benefit from this mythos, you become sickened until such a time that he does benefit. 

Inescapable Nightmare Tether

Prerequisites: -

Horror has been with us since the beginning. We are born of it, born too it, and grow up with it. It is a part of us all, we are all subjects of the terror that this world was born from. But the Epifovian can see the ties that bind. More worryingly, he can grasp them as well.

You gain a special tentacle attack as a primary natural weapon, known as the Nightmare Tendril. The Tendril deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d3 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. It has a reach of 30 feet. You may attack with weapons and your tendril in the same round, but your tendrils' attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only 1/2 your Strength bonus to the damage roll. 

As a move action, you may reach out with this tendril, attempting a ranged touched attack on any foe. This attack can hit and effect incorporeal creatures. If you are successful, the foe must make a Will Save or a Grapple Check (Whichever is higher) against an Intimidate Check from you. If you are successful, the tendril forces itself through the flesh of your target, tethering the creature too you. This tether dramatically limits the targets mobility, forcing their movement speeds of any kind to be halved, eliminating the ability to use Hide or Climb skills, and forcing the foe to make a strength check (DC 20 + 5 per previous check)to move more than the initial tethers length from you. In addition, you move an additional 10 feet per round if you are moving towards the other end of a tether, hungering to see the panic in their unwilling captive. The tether can be broken by killing you, an escape artist check against the your intimidate check, or a DC 30 strength check. An outside force (one not on either end of the Tether) who voluntarily touches the nightmare tether takes 1d6 points of unholy damage per 2 class levels.


Lifeblood Choking Synapse: Through this augment, your nightmare tether is constructed from your inborn terror. You can draw power from that which you have entrapped. For each round you have a target bound by your Nightmare Tether, you may drain one point from said foes strength score, and add it to your own. A successful fortitude save negates this effect. This additional strength gained and drained lasts as long as the target remains tethered, and for 1d6 hours afterwords.

Ripples of Original Dread: Made from nightmare, return to nightmare. Any foe attached to your nightmare tether takes a penalty to saves versus fear effects equal to your Epifovian level divided by 4.


Communal Grasping Dusk Tendrils: Through further study of your Nightmare tether, you have developed further mastery of its otherworldly powers. You gain an additional Nightmare Tendril, identical to the first in every way. You may take this advancement multiple times, up to half your Epifovian level. 

Flesh Fusing Tentacle Expansion: Any creature affected by your Nightmare Tendril is considered Grappled for all purposes. You, however, are free too act normally. You also gain Improved Grapple as a Bonus Feat.

Overlapping Expertise Culmination

Prerequisites: Palatable Carrion Discernment Excellency

All that you consume carries with it a story. A Story of how it was brought to its state. A family, friends, experiences from its entire existence up to that point. It whispers to you, even past death, of its torment. Of its great terrors, or its fears, of all that had gone wrong within its lifetime. And this information leads to more hunting, to more killing, to more eating. A never ending cycle of torment

You gain a bite attack as a primary natural weapon. If you already possessed a bite attack, This does not manifest as your own teeth and mouth changing, but rather a new mouth developing somewhere on your body. This bite deals 1d8 piercing damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your bite in the same round, but your bite attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll. 

You gain Knowledge Devotion as a bonus feat. When using knowledge devotion in conjunction with a knowledge check you gain a bonus to from "Palatable Carrion Discernment", you may apply the bonus' to Hide, Move Silent, and Intimidate checks as well as your attack and damage rolls. In addition, you gain an ability akin to Bardic Knowledge, in which you speak unto those who had been consumed by you. You may use your Wisdom bonus instead of your Intelligence bonus to this check.

Eldritch Abomination Awakening Rite

Prerequisites: -

The horror was born before the beginning. It's tendrils expand into all planes, all existence. Nowhere is without horror. Through untold stories and rituals, the Epifovian may borrow from on of these realms, that his form may better reflect this existence 

You gain two tentacle attacks as primary natural weapons. These tentacles deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. They have a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tendril in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

You also gain Improved Natural Attack (Tentacles) as a bonus feat


Hooked-Tentacle Evolution: Your tentacle attacks granted by this mythos can now deal piercing damage as well as bludgeoning damage. Furthermore you gain a climb speed equal to the number of tentacles you possess x 5.

Spiked-Tentacle Evolution: Your tentacle attacks granted by this mythos attacks can now deal slashing damage as well as bludgeoning damage. Furthermore, each tentacle attack you have gives you a +2 bonus to grapple attempts.

Tentacle Entangling Slam: You can attack with two tentacles as the same time. This does not increase the base damage, but the Tentacle counts as a two-handed weapon for all purposes. If you strike with two Twin-Tentacle Slams in the same round, you may make a trip attempt as a free action.

Hands Hungering for Demise

Prerequisites: -

The hands of an Epifovian are not the hands of his race. They are the hands of his profession. They are the hands that shaped the nightmares of creature for millennia. Hands that saw the beginning of all that is, and will continue to see it till the end. The hands of the Epifovian are designed to bring Havoc, and the voice of the ancestors pulls them to follow that creation. 

You gain Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Natural Attack (Unarmed Strike) as Bonus Feats. Your unarmed attacks count as Natural Weapons for all purposes related to your Epifovian Mythos.


Fingers for Strangling: You gain Aberration Blood (Sticky Fingers) and Improved Grapple as bonus feats.

Arms for Grasping: You gain Aberration Blood (Flexible Limbs) and Inhuman Reach as Bonus Feats.

Fists for Breaking: You gain Hammer Fist and Stunning Fist as Bonus Feats.

Tools for All Things: You gain Versatile Unarmed Strike, Water Splitting Stone, and Deflect Arrows as Bonus Feats.

Disassociative Multi-Mentality Aegis

Prerequisites: -

As part of taking this Mythos, you develop an additional, distinct personality. This second personality may act differently, have a separate name, different memories, have different skill ranks, different Skill Tricks, and even a different alignment. You may change between your current and your Other personality at will as a free action with a successful Will Save (As against your Mythos), though not more than once per 5 minutes if you fail the save.

By Changing to your other personality, you may suppress effects that effect the mind, such as Domination, Charm, Fear, or other continual mental effects until you switch back to the personality effected by them. In addition to this, you can fool effects that rely on your name or personality. If a Wizard were to attempt to Scry on you, knowing only one of your personalities, but you were currently in the other, the scrying would fail. If a Paladin casts “Detect Evil” on you, and you are currently manifesting as a Lawful Good personality, than the spell would fail.

Once per day, you can pull together your Sanities for 1d4 minutes. In doing so, you are treated as having all the skills, memories, skill tricks, and knowledge of your other personality. Any task you attempt is calculated as though you had your other personality using Aid Another on you in any situation where it is viable for them to do so. You are treated as whatever aspect of your own and your other personality would be most helpful for effects that target you based on aspects of your person.

Finally, you gain Iron Will as a Bonus Feat.


My-Mind-Is-My-Body Transmutation: Your personalities may have completely different Genders, different Ages (Incurring Mental Bonuses and Physical Penalties), Rearranged Ability Scores, different Spells, Powers, or Maneuvers Known, and may even have different Feats (not including Bonus Feats granted by Mythos or other class features).

Broken Minded Community Conjuration: You gain an additional secondary personality. You may purchase this Manifestation a number of times equal to your Wisdom Modifier. You also gain Live My Nightmare as a Bonus Feat, though the saving throw is calculated as a Mythos.

Underhanded Seemless Mortal Guise

Prerequisites: At least 2 Natural Attacks

A Nightmare need not be so bold as to walk among its victims, to give them warning of his approach. The Epifovian and his breed are patient creatures. They have bide their time for ages, and could wait ages more if they needed too. So, for now, he lets them enjoy their existence, their unawareness of his power. For now, he is content to watch. He waits and watches, so that when the time comes, his appearance will be all the more potent.

As a Swift Action, you may pull in all your otherworldly extremities. Tentacles, Claws, Wings, Additional Mouths, Willing Deformities, and Abberation Blood Bonuses all rapidly tuck themselves away between your muscles and bones. You lose access to them as attacks and modes of travel, but maintain other Bonuses, such as the use of your “Transference of Maddening Friendship” Manifestation of the “Lineage Celebrating Flesh Companion” Mythos. While they are tucked away, you may use your Intimidate skill in place of your ranks in Diplomacy or Gather Information. However, you take a penalty to Intimidate Checks equal to your Far-Spawn Taint. So long as you are in this Mortal Guise, you may use “Disguise Self” and “Alter Self” as Spell Like Abilities, usable at will.

As an Immediate Action, you may let loose all those unnatural appendages and horrific bodily changes in an instant, transferring yourself from the idyllic, standard humanoid, into the grimace of a Monster. In doing so, you may make an Intimidate check against all creatures within 30 feet who can see you, with a bonus to the check equal to the number of natural attacks you unveil. If used to counteract an attack, this check is resolved before the attack roll is made. If used in conjunction with your own attack, the creature you are attacking is treated as flat footed against the attacks. These effects may only be used once on an individual creature.

Truth-Extracting Inhumane Interrogation

Prerequisites: -

Fear is born from not knowing. We don't know if the stranger coming towards us has a knife, so we are afraid of him. We don't know if the circling vultures signify our untimely end, so we fear them. We do not know if the ringing bells toll for us, and so we fear it. But to cause fear is to be born from knowing. To know how to act, how to move, what to do, is all a careful dance that a true master of terror must understand. And the result, in turn, is all the more rewarding.

When a creature is at your mercy (Pinned, at 0 HP, Paralyzed, Dangled over a fathomless pit filled with the screams and moans of all those whose sanity you have destroyed, by a lone tentacle emerging from the center of your chest, etc.). You may make an Intimidate Check. If the check succeeds, you may ask the creature a number of questions equal to your Wisdom Modifier, which the opposing creature must answer with all the honesty that it has knowledge of. If the check fails, they have the option to attempt to Bluff you, or refuse to answer at all. 

For each question you receive an honest answer to, you gain a cumulative +1 Preparation Bonus on all rolls, other than saving throws, made that involve the source of your knowledge. Knowing the exact details of a Castles Guards would give you a bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks within the castle, as well as spot and listen checks to notice their presence. Knowing the details of a Horrid Monster in the looming cavern would give you a bonus to attack and damage rolls against such a creature. Incorrect information does not incur a penalty.

If a Creature attempts to bluff you, and you notice it through the use of your Sense Motive skill, or flat out refuses to answer, you may still get an honest answer out of them by dealing lethal damage equal to the difference between their saving throw and your Intimidate check. In doing so, you may make another intimidate check against them, thought they gain a +10 bonus on the save against it. If this fails, you can no longer attempt an interrogation against them.


Painstaking Rumor-Mongers Practice: You gain Skill Focus (Intimidate) and Skill Focus (Sense Motive) as Bonus Feats.

Let-Them-Sweat Motivation: For every hour you leave a creature at your mercy, not speaking or acting towards them in any way, you gain a +1 bonus to the intimidate check made to get truthful answers out of them.


Infectious Sadism-Apprentice Acquisition: So long as you are within 30 feet, any creature you consider an ally may use this Mythos. Each apprentice may Interrogate a separate creature, or all may work together, providing a cumulative +2 bonus on the intimidate check made to get an honest answer. 

Pain-Is-Pleasure Sudden Stockholm: If a Creature has been at your mercy for longer than 6 hours before you go about the interrogation, they must make a will save following the interrogation, with a penalty equal to each additional hour they spent at your mercy. If they fail, their attitude towards you becomes Fanatic, if not completely enamored with you. Any time you require more information from them, you need only make an attack roll using some means to deal damage against them. If the attack connects, you are treated as having succeeded on your intimidate check to acquire information from them.

Predatorial Nightmare Rapidity

Prerequisites: -

You gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat. You also gain 10 feet of movement speed for ever tier of Mythos you possess.


Carnivorous Creature Tactics: On the First Round of combat, and any surprise round you are a part of, you gain an additional Move Action.

Continual Carnage Repositioning: Each time you kill a creature in combat, you gain an additional Move Action


Naught Halts a Nightmare: You can move across liquids, up walls, or other impossible to traverse obstacles so long as you still have distance in your movement. If you end your round in a state that would be impossible to maintain, you fall.

Racing Rampage Technique: You gain Spring Attack as Bonus Feats.

Fantastic Mythos

Primal Fright-Tapping Emanations

Prerequisites: 10 Ranks in Intimidate

The Far-Plane. A manifestation of the fears, horrors, and beasts that first existed. Improper, Incomplete, Impossible living dreams of madness. Those who reside there are surrounded in palpable terror on a daily basis. The very air, the stench of the ages, is enough to bring dread to those few outsiders unfortunate enough to end up in this plane. But through your own Ancestry, the very airs of the Far-Plane have followed you into this world, and they carry the same weight here that they carried there.

You gain an Aura of Fear. This aura has a radius of 15 feet, centered on yourself. This aura is manifested as a shifting glimpse at the reality where terror was born. The first round a creature ends its round within the aura, it must make a will save, or have its level of fear increased by one step for as long as they remain within the aura, and for 1 minute afterwords. A creature who successfully makes it save does not have to make the save again for a number of rounds equal to its Wisdom Modifier


Ever-Present Origin Winds: Your aura of fear expands out an additional number of feet equal to your Wisdom score, to the nearest 5 foot interval.

Visions of the First Existence: your aura of fear can be suppressed. Suppressing the Aura is a free action, but re initiating it is a standard-action. While it is suppressed, you may manifest the aura as a gaze attack, with a range of 60 feet, that only requires you to have line of sight. This gaze attack is a standard action to initiate. 

False Safety Obliterating Essence

Prerequisites: -

Oh, the humorous creatures who inhabit this world. The Sheltered Paladin, the Heroic Warrior, the Raging Monstrosity, they all think themselves so clever. They all perceive their existence as so righteous, so pure, so unstoppable. But as they where born, so was it Inborn. The capacity for terror lurks in even the most protected, most fortified of minds. And such Terror calls out to you even more, desperate to surface, desperate to see the light of day again. Who are you too deny such privilege?

All your fear effects now ignore any immunities to fear based on Class Features, Race, Feats, or Spells. Creatures that would be immune to fear gain a +5 bonus to the save, but are made none the less susceptible.


Unliving Mental Reconstructive Horror: Your Fear effects are now capable of fearing undead creatures as well as living.

Harbinger of Verdant Dread: Your fear effects are now capable of fearing plant creatures as well as the normal subjects


Dreaded Foe Implacability: You are considered to have full concealment against any creature currently under a fear effect that would normally be immune to fear.

Ancient Instillation of Primordial Terrors: Your fear effects are now capable of affecting Mindless creatures (Including Oozes, Constructs, ETC)as well as Normal Subjects.

Continual Flesh-Warping Evolution

Prerequisites: Eldritch Abomination Awakening Rite

The horror was never truly born, but it still continued it's existence, even without the worlds consent. It was a creature that could not be constrained by the boundaries of time and space. It was, conceptually, the end of creativity. For why create when you feared your own results? Why build when you feared it's inevitable destruction? Such unimaginable power comes closer to the Epifovian than any other, for they are its children.

You gain two tentacle attacks as primary natural weapons. These tentacles deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. They have a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tendril in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

The reach on all your Tentacle attacks improves by 5 feet.


Metal Cracking Tendrils: Your Tentacle Attacks granted by this mythos are treated as having the Sundering Weapon Enchantment.

Steel Stealing Tendrils: Your Tentacle Attacks granted by this mythos are treated as having the Disarming Weapon Enchantment.

Bone Cracking Tendrils: For each tentacle attacked granted by this mythos you hit a creature with, you reduce its speed by 5 feet, to a minimum of 5 feet, for one round.


Toxic Touch Tentacles: If you strike a foe with both tentacles granted by this mythos, you decrease their Fortitude save by 1 for 5 rounds. This effect stacks with itself, up to 5.

Reaction Slowing Tentacles: If you strike a foe with both tentacles granted by this mythos, you decrease their Reflex saves by 1 for 5 rounds. This effect stacks with itself, up to 5.

Mind Fogging Tentacles: If you strike a foe with both tentacles granted by this mythos, you decrease their Will save by 1 for 5 rounds. This effect stacks with itself, up to 5.

Phobia-Hunting Assimilation of Senses

Prerequisites: Accelerated Heart-Beat Tenacity Mythos

The maddening ticking of their heartbeats. At first, it was merely sustenance on which your terror could grow. Now, it has become more akin to an addiction. It pains the nightmare to know that the fools still draw breath. They do not deserve to continue living, in their imperfection and in their cowardice. What right have they, when you have suffered so much persecution in so many lifetimes, just to continue living on their pathetic shell world. But through this single-minded hatred, your mind shifts to better hunt the fools of this land.

You gain the effects of the Synesthete Psionic Power permanently, save for the difference that your face need not be uncovered to use the power, as your whole body is a sensory catalyst. In addition, whenever a spot or listen check is called for, you may make both and take the better result of the two, and you gain the supernatural Scent ability. 

You gain fast healing equal to the number of creatures under a Fear effect within 30 feet of you. Finally, the morale bonus from Accelerated Heart-Beat Tenacity lasts for 1 hour after a feared creature is killed, as the release of madness is uplifting to your alien spirits.

Racially Distinctive Appendage Addition

Prerequisites: Hands Hungering for Demise

You develop a second pair of arms and hands, which are identical to your first pair of arms in every way. They are usually located below your original arms, but they may also be on your shoulders, your waist, the center of your chest, splitting off from your elbows, or anywhere else on your body. Because of these extra arms, you may wear an additional 2 Magic Rings, and an additional magic item on your arms and hands. If you have the ability to bind soulmelds, you may bind two separate ones to your arm and hand chakra.

These additional arms are fully functional in every way, allowing you to wield to two-handed weapons, and make additional unarmed strikes. These unarmed strikes as treated as secondary natural attacks. They also give you a +4 bonus to grapple checks, climb checks, and swim checks. If you use all your arms to one task (Such as lifting a Carriage or Shoving a Small House), you may treat your strength modifier as tripled for the purposes of making the check. You may also grapple with 2 separate creatures, assuming both can be grabbed with two separate pairs of arms.


Mortal-Rending Phalanges Transition: All your arms have their fingers develop into sharp, pointed Claws. These claws don't increase your attacks damage, but as a standard action, you may launch a clawed hand into an adjacent living creature, digging under their flesh and between their bones. This deals normal unarmed strike damage, and stars a grapple. It takes only one claw to grapple a living creature, so you can dig your clawed hands into two different creatures. Removing these claws from a creature deals unarmed damage again, and maintaining a grapple with your clawed hands is a swift action.

Hundred-Handed Offensive Assurance: As a standard action, you may allow the ends of any or every one of your tentacles you possess burst into fleshy forms reminiscent of hands. Your tentacle now deal damage as either tentacle attacks or as unarmed strikes, whichever is higher. They can also be used to handle items, though not enough to use weapons weapons. Each hand/tentacle you have gives you a +2 bonus to Grapple, Climb, and Swim Checks.

Dark Soul-Flame Smelting Furnace

Prerequisites: -

You gain Medium Armor Proficiency and Endurance as a Bonus Feat.

For each day you wear a specific suit of armor, you increase the maximum dexterity and decrease the armor check penalties of the armor by 1, as the armor molds and blends into your flesh. Even your natural weapons finds ways to coexist with the armor. Once your armor check penalties reach zero, the Armor becomes fully apart of you, fusing with your flesh completely. You no longer suffer any penalties to sleeping, movement, and the armor bonus from wearing the armor becomes an Unnatural armor bonus. This armor can be enchanted as normal, if you find a builder willing to work on your body for the time necessary, but cannot be sundered or otherwise removed from your person. Better armor can be worn over your current armor, and eventually it too will become fused with your skin, granting its bonuses to you instead of the old ones.

So long as you have armor fused into your flesh, you are considered to have a masterwork tool for the Intimidate, Hide, and Move Silent skills.


Far-Realm Sentinel Training: You gain Heavy Armor Proficiency and Heavy Armor Optimization as Bonus Feats. While you have Heavy Armor fused to your body, you are considered as if under the effects of Endure Elements.

Indiscriminate Flesh Deflection: You gain Shield Proficiency as a Bonus Feat. The Benefits of this Mythos apply also to Shields other than tower shields, though it maintains its shield bonus after it fuses to your arms. You are considered having Shield Specialization with any shield fused to your body.

Flourish Steel Armory Adaption: You gain Martial Weapon Proficiency as a bonus feat. The Benefits of this Mythos apply also to Martial and Simple Melee Weapons. Once they have fused to your hands, they cannot be sundered, you cannot be disarmed, and you never risk tripping yourself with a flesh fused weapon. You gain Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization with any weapon fused to your body.

Unceremonious Feathered-Freak Ascension

Prerequisites: -

You gain Leap of the Heavens as a Bonus Feat. Furthermore, divide the DC for High Jumps by 4.

In addition, You gain two semi-functional wings, and with them, two wing buffets as primary natural weapons. These wings deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your wings in the same round, but your wing attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only half your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

These wings typically manifest on your shoulder blades, but your waist, the sides of your head, or other unorthodox placements are equally possible. Any time you begin to descend from a fall or jump, you may act as though under the effects of a Feather Fall spell. For a number of rounds equal to your class level, you may stop descending all together, remaining frozen in the air. While you are in the air, you gain a bonus to intimidate checks equal to the elevation you possess on your target divided by 10.


Jealousy-Thriving Warpaint Appropriation: Any time you kill a creature with a Natural fly speed (either Racial or derived from a spell it has cast), other than an animal, you may spend a standard action smearing it's blood on your wings. In doing so, you gain a fly speed equal to your land speed, with good maneuverability, for one hour per class level.

Soaring Shadowed Terror-Knight: You gain Skill Focus (Jump), Roof Walker, and Roof Jumper as Bonus Feats. You may resolve the distance traveled by your jump checks as a swift action. You do not need to be standing on a horizontal solid surface to make a jump check, though you do need something to push off of. This allows you to leap between walls and trees, or across ponds and lakes, with relative ease. Finally, you take no damage from falling so long as the fall ends in an attack roll on a living creature. If such a creatures survives the attack, you may make an intimidate on the creature as an immediate action.

Peasant-Subjugation Terror King

Prerequisites: -

In the end, what separates a Dream from a Nightmare? A Utopia from a Dystopia? The answer is quite simple: perspective. To the Idyllic paladin, tucked away in his shining armor and anointed words, anything but perfection will seem as destitute. But to those who know terror, those who have glimpsed the byproduct of the Far-Realm itself, anything else will seem as glorious tranquility. The Epifovian, one who truly knows the depths a mortal mind can sink to understand terror, opens his arms to such travelers, eager to reward their loyalty with his protections. For a time.

You gain a Leadership Score, as described in the Leadership Feat, as well as the Ability to attract Followers. You use your Wisdom Modifier in place of your charisma score to calculate this score. You treat Cruelty as a +2 Bonus to your leadership score, rather than a penalty. You do not treat animal companions, familiars, or special mounts granted by Terror-Spawned Mythos against your leadership score. However, your means of drawing followers is quite different from your usual means of doing so. 

Firstly, these followers will not follow you on your quests or battles, rather, once enough of them are present, they will either fill in the town they where collected from, or build a new town or city if is necessary. Secondly, none of your followers may possess levels in a Mythos Granting Class or Spell casting class. And Thirdly, all of your followers can only be drawn to you if they have been afflicted with a fear effect by you. No matter how briefly, or how long ago, those who felt your fearful presence will be drawn to your peerage. Your followers are incredibly loyal to you as a leader, and will not betray you or speak ill of you, except to Mythos characters of a higher level than you who beat your intimidate check, either by a diplomacy check or an opposed intimidate check.


Pitchfork-Gathering Villagers Fury: Any Followers you attract gain Light Armor Proficiency and Martial Weapon Proficiency as bonus feats.

Community Spanning Ritualism: Both you and your highest level follower gain Fell Conspiracy as a Bonus Feat. You may treat your ranks in Intimidate as your Ranks in Knowledge (Religion) for the purposes of this feat. The Effects of the conspiracy are extended for a number of days equal to your class level.


Populace-Muting Masters Trace: All your followers gain Abberation Blood as a Bonus Feat. The half of your followers that have been with you the longest gain any feat with Abberation Blood as a Prerequisite as well. Half of Those followers, the half with the highest levels, gain an additional Abberant feat as a bonus feat. Your follower with the highest level gains the Half Far-Spawn template.

Eclectic Mageocracy Establishment: You gain the ability to attract spell casting followers as well as your standard followers. Furthermore, every month, a number of your followers equal to your Leadership score divided by 5 that formerly possessed NPC class levels can be trained in spell casting, trading in a single NPC level for a level of Wizard, Druid, or Sorcerer levels depending on their highest mental ability score.

Loyal Fearful-Servitor Election: You gain the ability to attract a Cohort. This Cohort may be a spell caster, but may not possess Mythos of its own. This follower has gain Deformity (Madness) as a bonus feat, and also gains the Myth-born template without level adjustment. This Cohort counts as a Masterwork tool for the Intimidate skill.

The Noblest Steed is Bound by Flesh

Prerequisites: Pregenerate Husk Bestowment or Lineage Celebrating Flesh Companion

The Nightmare does not roil in its aloneness. It does not prefer being in the public eye to being shuttered off. Rather, as in all things, it adapts. It walked in aloneness, so it created a friend, so it may know company. It was maddened by its silence, so it gave itself a voice, so it may speak. Now, when it grows weary, it gave itself a steed, so that it may ride. But such a beast is no mere creature of burden, for it was cut from the same cloth as its master.

You gain a Special Mount as a paladin of your level -2, save for the following effects.

Firstly, in taking on the base creature as your Special Mount, you bond it to yourself by a thin line of flesh to its nerves, much like a Leash. This leash has a reach of 50 feet. If your mount moves further than that, the tendril severs, and both you and the beast take 1 point of bleed damage each round until you reattach the leash to a creature a swift action. This leash is considered a tentacle for purposes of extending its reach, but your special mounts gains all the same bonuses you do on natural attacks for its own natural attacks. Your special mount also gains 2 tentacle attacks as primary natural attacks, both with a reach of 10 feet, and dealing damage as tentacle attack of the mounts size.

So long as you ride upon your Special mount, you and any creature leashed to do not require food, water, or sleep, and gain immunity to Fatigue. Any condition that would leave you exhausted leaves you fatigued instead.


Unnatural Master-and-Mount Cooperation: Your Special Mount may use your Hide, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silent, and Spot modifiers in place of its own, and is considered having a masterwork tool for all of these so long as you are on your Special Mount.

Rolling on Flesh Studded Steps: Your Special Mount can ignore difficult terrain of all kinds, and can move easily across walls and liquids with the ease it walks across land, so long as it ends its movement in such a way that would typically be possible for a creature of its type.

He Came on a White Horse: You gain Mounted Combat and Ride-By Attack as Bonus Feats.

Osteomantic Reconstructive-Repurposing

Prerequisites: Must Possess a Skeletal System

Over the course of one hour of intense focus, wracking your body with pain, you can shift around the bones in your body to twist, bend, and warp, changing your skeleton further from that which it was born as to one far more befitting your legacy. The bones that had once held your body in place changes to pierce your flesh, exposing raw, splintered bone to the outside world.

You gain Bone Spines as primary natural weapons. These spines deals 1d6 piercing damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your Spines in the same round, but your spine attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only half your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

In addition, your restructured bones provide you a much better ability to deal with your body. You gain Light Fortification, as your oddly placed bones and joints catch attacks that would otherwise devastate you. Also, any time you initiate, maintain, or pin a creature in a grapple, you deal Bone Spine damage without the need for an attack roll.


Bone-Cracking Muscle Fortification: You gain a bonus to all of your movement speeds equal to you your wisdom score, to the nearest 5 feet, rounded down. In addition, you take no penalties for moving full speed and performing a skill check at the same time. You also take half damage from Bludgeoning damage, calculated before any other damage reduction or mitigation you possess.

Skeleton-Shifting Repurposing Ritual: After an hour of absolute concentration, you may move some of your bones from your other limbs too another. In doing so, you gain a bonus equal to half your class level. If you move these bones to your arms, you gain a bonus to Climb and Swim checks and Unarmed Strike Attack and Damage Rolls. If you move these bones to your legs, you gain a bonus to Jump checks, Tumble checks, and your land movement speed. If you move them to your chest, you gain a bonus to Fortitude saves. If you move it to your joints, you gain a bonus to your Reflex saves.

Bellowing Nocturnal-Horror Manifest

Prerequisites: Darkvision Racial Ability

You gain Imperious Command as a Bonus Feat. You also gain the ability to see in magical darkness, and your darkvision's range of sight doubles.

As a Full-Round Action, you may make an Intimidate check against any creature that is looking at you. 

If you are currently in an area of Darkness, either magical or natural, you instead gain another means of inflicting your terror. If you strike a creature in, or from, darkness, and hit it from behind, you may choose to screech loudly into the creatures ear at the same time, accompanying the pain with a sudden feeling of intense dread. If your intimidate check succeeds, not only do they take the usual penalties for your intimidate checks, but they are also deafened for a number of rounds equal to the amount they failed against your intimidate. If you choose to take this mean of intimidation, you may move half your movement speed as an immediate action, but only if you are moving through darkness.

If you utilize this ability on a creature 3 times, that creature and any creature that has witnessed your shadowy assaults, must make a will save or take a permanent penalty to fear saves, attack rolls, and skill checks when in areas of darkness, as they develop an intense, semi-rational fear of the darkness. The Penalty is equal to the amount they failed the save by. 


Vanishing-Corpse False-Magic Terror: If you kill a creature standing in light, while you are standing in darkness, you may pull its body into that darkness as a free action. After a full round action, you may toss the mangled and disfigured remains of that creature back into the light, typically accompanied by a horrid laugh or delighted shriek. In doing so, you may immediately utilize the last paragraph of this Mythos against any creature that witnessed the events transpire. If you wish, you may haul the corpse with you through darkness, and deliver it at a later time, to the same effect.

Waiting In a Moonless Night: Your natural affiliation for the dark taints the harmless shadows that others seek for comfort. As a swift action, you may fill an area of shadows (up to a 20 foot cube) with magical darkness. You may only have one such magical dark cube active at one time.

Shadow Striding Rift-Walk: You gain the Shadow Dance supernatural ability as a Shadow Dancer of half your level. If you appear directly behind a creature who has not yet seen you using this ability, you may make an immediate attack against them, prompting the use of this Mythos. 

Scaly-Horror Mimicking Adaptability

Prerequisites: -

You adopt the Dragon type. This can coexist with any existing types or subtypes you already possess. You gain immunity to magical sleep and paralysis effects. You also gain Darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision racial features. You are also immune to the fear aura's produced by creature with the Dragon Type.

You gain a Tail Slam as primary natural weapon. This slam deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. It has a reach of 5 feet. You may attack with weapons and your slam in the same round, but your slam attack is treated as a secondary weapon: The attack is made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

In addition, your tail provides a myriad of smaller benefits. Your tail grants a +4 racial bonus to balance and tumble checks. Your tail can be used to make trip attempts at a +2 bonus. If, for any reason, your tail is removed from your body, it will regenerate in 6d4 hours, as good as new.


Horrid Lungs of the Scaled-Ones: You gain the ability to change the color of your tail to that one of Chromatic Dragons. In doing so, you gain a breath weapon of the same type as the dragons whose color you share, dealing 1d6 points of damage per 2 class levels you possess.

Ancient Beast Resonation: You gain Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, and Great Fortitude as Bonus Feats. Any time you pass a saving throw on an effect from a hostile creature or occurrence, you gain a bonus on all d20 rolls made in the next round equal to the amount you passed the save by.

Limiter-Breaking Draconian Berserker: You gain Rapidstrike as Bonus Feats.

Legendary Mythos

Occult Semi-Omniscient Sensory Overload Development

Prerequisites: -

The Nightmare and its ilk are all cut from the same world. A world that would just as soon kill you as it would birth you. And those it births are none kinder. The nightmare was never the strongest, nor the fastest, so It had to get creative. When it's bones shattered, it grew new limbs. When it's sanity broke, it eliminated it entirely. When it could not see, it opened new eyes. And with new eyes, came a new sense of perspective.

Your skin suddenly bursts in numerous places. You gain a number of eyes equal to your class level + your Wisdom modifier. Each eye beyond the normal amount granted by your race grants you a +1 bonus to spot checks. Every 2 eyes grants you a +1 to attack rolls. Every 3 eyes grants you a 10% chance to avoid being flanked, surprised, or caught flat-footed, as well a +1 to initiative checks.

By sacrificing these eyes, you may gain new insights into the ways of the world.

By sacrificing 2 of your eyes, you gain blindsense out to 10 feet. By sacrificing additional eyes, you can increase your blindsense by an additional 10 feet per eye.

By sacrificing 4 of your eyes, you gain Tremorsense out to 10 feet. By sacrificing additional eyes, you can increase your Tremorsense by an additional 10 feet per eye.

By sacrificing 6 of your eyes, you gain Blindsight out to 10 feet. By sacrificing additional eyes, you can increase your blindsight by an additional 10 feet per 2 eyes.

By sacrificing 8 eyes, you gain a gaze attack out to 30 feet. By sacrificing additional eyes, you can increase the range on you gaze attack by 10 feet per eyes. The gaze attack deals 1d6 points of damage per 2 class levels, with a reflex save for half. If you have “Horrid Lungs of the Scaled-Ones”, advanced manifestation, the damage is of a type equal to your breath weapon. Otherwise, it deals Sonic Damage.

By sacrificing 10 eyes, you gain a Special Gaze. This Gaze manifests as cone of 10 feet per character level of anti-magic. This functions just like anti-magic field, except the saving throw is as a Mythos. All magical and supernatural powers and effects within the cone are suppressed, including your own, if you possess them. By sacrificing additional eyes, you can increase the save on your special gaze by 1 for every 2 eyes you sacrifice.

By spending five minutes in complete concentration, you can subsume your supernatural eye derived abilities, and instead pop all your eyes back into being. Sacrificing eyes can be done as a swift action.


Perfect Recollecting Ocular Replay: Each time you make a skill check, you can sacrifice one of your eyes to make a perfect memory of the skill, using the same roll you did for that check in any future uses of that same skill. You may only have a number of skills perfectly recollected equal to your Wisdom modifier. You also gain 4 additional eyes.

Danger-Dodging Natural Foresight: You gain the Evasion Class Feature. Furthermore, you may sacrifice eyes to grant yourself a dodge bonus to armor class or an Unnatural bonus to Reflex Saves. The bonus to Armor Class is traded at a 3 to 1 ration, and the bonus to Reflex Saves is at a 2 to 1 Ratio. You also gain 4 additional eyes.

Scavenging Predator Reappropriating Flesh: You may extract the eyes of a creature of your race and have them absorbed into your flesh. Only fresh, living eyes can be successfully added to your collection. While living donors are possible, it is also possible to scoop the eyes from the creature as a full round action after initiating a grapple. A successful fortitude save prevents the eyes from being snatched. You may only have an additional number of eyes snatched from those people equal to half your class level.

Fleshless Fear-Born Marchen Shintai

Prerequisites: -

The Nightmare was something of a special creature. His life in the roiling chaos of a world in a state of creation was short. An instant, in fact. To the grand eyes of the world, the beast that would be The Nightmare existed for a fraction of a fraction of the time that the Titans roamed the world. So how did he impact them still, further in death than ever in life? Quite simply, as it would turn out. In memories, in whispered fables of that which birthed fear, in his legend and his legacy was The Nightmares true birth was complete. And that is what makes The Nightmare so dangerous. For a stray word or a horrid shriek calls the Nightmare from its unreachable tomb, and with glee does he relish the chance to touch the world.

You no longer exist. Quite simply, you fade into nothing and vanish completely. Your possessions vanish with you, your real name is erased from history, your true face obscured to all but your closest family and confidants. If you owned property, none will know the name of the one who owned it. Even your truename is vanished from the Lexicon of the world. To history, it as though you never were and never will be. Your Flesh-Spawn will, perhaps, take up your mantle, while those who followed you as a leader may extol you as a deity. All that will remain of you is your legend.

You have become an urban legend, a fable, a myth. But because of this, you are so much more than you could have ever been in the realm of reality. While your face and name may vanish from memory, your general appearance is remembered, though often in some distorted or more nightmarish version of what it truly was. Just as well, those actions you commited in life, the fear that sprang at your presence, the deaths you inflicted, the devestation that came with your passing. This is the stuff your legends are made of, and how you will thrive in unexistance more than you ever could in flesh and blood.

Anytime someone speaks of your legend, tells your story, the story of something you have done, or even wrongfully attribute some atrocity to your name, you are made aware. Upon the next nightfall, you will appear within ten miles of the one who spoke of your story, in such a place or position that none see your initial appearance. You are immediately aware of the position, name, and face of the one who spoke of your legend, and what, exactly, they told of your story. Over the course of the night, you are treated as incorporeal in terms of how you interact with inorganic material, and may choose to become visible or invisible so long as no one is currently viewing you. While you are invisible in this way, you choose how you interact with inorganic material, but you cannot interact with living creatures. You may act in any way so long as the sun has set, but if you do not inflict AT LEAST the Shaken condition on the one who spoke your legend, you are incapable of being summoned to the world for 2d10 days, as you reestablish your connection to the world of fear. If you are killed while appearing in such a way, you are barred from existing for 4d12 weeks, as your non-existence and your biological body attempt to resync with one another.

If your legend is spoken of by multiple people, spread across the world, you may appear at all of them at one time. Epifovian who establish themselves as myth by this mythos often take it upon themselves to cause as much fear, panic, and dread as physically possible, for if their legend should ever die, it will be as though they never existed at all.

Far-Realm Descended Bodily Desecration

Prerequisites: Continual Flesh-Warping Evolution

The horrors of this world come in all shapes and sizes. A rampaging monstrosity, a tyrannical overlord, a devastating plague, a crack of thunder, all are equally terrifying to someone out there. And all of these lend aid to the nightmare, for fear is his domain, his armor, and his sword. The world is not one without fear, quite the opposite. For without fear, this world would fall apart at the seems. In a way, the Epifovian are doing everyone a favor.

You gain two tentacle attacks as primary natural weapons. These tentacles deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. They have a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tendril in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.


Phantom-Reaving Flesh Arsenal: Your Tentacle attacks granted by this mythos gain the Ghost Touch and Undead-Bane Weapon Enchantment.

Impeccable Wriggling Weaponry Striking: You gain Improved Critical (Tentacles) and Power Critical as Bonus Feats.

Element Bathed External Layer: Your Tentacle Attacks granted by this mythos gain the Flaming, Frost, and Shock weapon enchantments.


Morality Punishing Rending Lashings: Your tentacle attacks granted by this mythos gain the Holy weapon enchantments. With 5 minutes of focus, you can change these to the Unholy, Axiomatic, or Chaotic weapon enchantments. Any time you kill a creature with a Tentacle attack, you may move to have it go on to any other after life, if you so desire.

Anatomy Punishing Targeteer Training: Each successful hit you make with a Tentacle attack grants you a stacking +1 bonus to attack rolls made with Tentacle attacks in the next round, as well as critical confirmation rolls made with the tentacles granted by this mythos.

Illithid Mirroring Combat Style: Each time you hit a creature with a tentacle attack, you may make a grapple attempt as a free action. Success does not indicate that you or the opposed creature are grappled, merely that your tentacle has attached to them. If you ever have 6 or more tentacles attached to a creature at the same time, they must succeed at any save of your choosing or die. A Fortitude save indicates ripping out the creatures heart, a Reflex save means tearing out their spine, and a Will save means pulling out their brain. Removing a tentacle is much the same as breaking a grapple.

Mysticism Consuming Internalized Power-Flux

Prerequisites: -

You gain a bite attack as a primary natural weapon. If you already possessed a bite attack, This does not manifest as your own teeth and mouth changing, but rather a new mouth developing somewhere on your body. This bite deals 1d8 piercing damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your bite in the same round, but your bite attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll. 

Any you successfully bite into a hostile creature capable of spell casting, or possessing a spell like ability, they must make a Will Save. If they pass the save, they lose access to a random one of their lowest level spell known/prepared or spell-like ability. If they fail the save, they lose access to one of their highest level spell-like abilities or spells known/prepared. You gain access to the spell/spell-like ability as a Supernatural ability, usable once per day. If a spell requires an XP cost, or gold value cost, you must use Mythos points in it's place, at a rate of 5 Mythos Points per 1 XP, and a 1 to 1 ratio on gold pieces.

If you kill a creature that was capable of casting spells or utilizing spell-like abilities, you may spend a minute in contact with their body, you can call to your mind a collection of the spells it had prepared, known, or spell-like abilities it had access to. From their, you can select a single one of these abilities and add it to the roiling magic storm inside of you.

You can internalize and maintain a number of spell levels equal to twice your character level. To gain a new ability, you may expel other abilities until you have enough open levels to accommodate.


Eyes Glazed with Hunger: You gain a constant Detect Magic and Read Magic effects. You may use Intimidate in place of Use Magic Device for all purposes.

Sorcery-Scrounging Gullet Storage: You can absorb spells from Magic Items and Scrolls by consuming them fully. Eating a Magic Item or Scroll is a full-round action.

Witchcraft Slaying Ancestors Instinct: You gain Favored Enemy (Arcanists) as a Ranger of your Class Level. Your Bite Attack also gain the Mage-Bane Weapon Enchantment.


Skin Like a Magic Sponge: You gain Spell Resistance equal to 11+Class Level. Any time a spell or spell-like abilities fails to overcome your spell resistance, you may choose to absorb the spell into your collection of usable spells and spell-like abilities.

Internalized Terror Capacitor: You gain Fell Frighten as a bonus feat. You may add the Fell Frighten metamagic feat to a number of your appropriate supernatural abilities equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

Breaking the Invisible Aegis: You gain Mage Slayer and Pierce Magical Protection as Bonus Feats.

Incontemporary Roiling Flesh-Spawn Creation

Prerequisites: -

As Part of this Mythos, you immediately become striken with an otherworldly illness. You become sickened. You cannot be made Nauseated, but you also cannot remove the sickened condition. After 1 week of this condition, you vomit forth a shining sphere of pure blackness. Your egg.

The Egg has Hardness equal to your Wisdom modifier, and hit points equal to your hit-dice. If the egg is shattered, you lose access to this Mythos, and can never take it again. The egg does not take damage from any source of extreme heat or extreme cold, nor from the other-worldly effects or creatures of the Far-Plane. Over the next 1d4 weeks, the egg grows larger and larger, until suddenly your Egg will cracks and hatches, revealing a near identical version of yourself, but in Miniature, and created seemingly from shadows.

This “Flesh-Spawn” may have it's own name, and develops features of a creature of your original race over time. It is creature of one size category less than your own, has your alignment, with the Native Outsider type, that will always be considered at least Helpful towards you, even under magical compulsion. So long as your flesh-spawn is within 20 feet of you, you are considered to have a masterwork tool for all skills you have ranks in.

Your Flesh-Spawn is born with all your ability scores -4, and a single level of Epifovian, with the same Mythos you took at your first level of Epifovian. From there, it rapidly grows and mirrors its creators path of horror. The Spawn doesn't gain Experience points, but every 1d20 days, it gains a new level of Epifovian. While it will most often follow the path its creator took through the Terror-Spawned Mythos, it can be persuaded to take an alternate path of Mythos or of Feats. It can only ever be of a level equal to its' creator -2. 

Every 2 levels, the Flesh-Spawn's ability scores increase by 1. At 10th level, the Flesh-Spawn's size increases to match yours. Your bonuses for Flanking with your Flesh-Spawn are doubled, and your Flesh-Spawn gains a +40 to disguise and bluff checks made to convince other creatures that is is you. If your Flesh-Spawn is ever killed, you may consume it's body to begin reforming an egg in your stomach, repeating the whole process of this Mythos again.


Revolting Flesh-to-Flesh Multiplicity: Both you and your Flesh-Spawn can partake in an eight hour ritual that can only be described as vileness incarnate. 1d4 weeks after the ritual has taken place, either you or your flesh spawn vomits forth 1d4 Flesh-Spawn eggs. These Eggs can only ever be of a level of your flesh spawn -4. They are Otherwise identical to the Flesh-Spawn described above.

Flesh-Calling Resonating Protection: You are precisely aware of the location of your Flesh-Spawn relative to yourself. If both you and your Flesh Spawn are forced to make saving throws against the same effect, and succeed, you are considered to have Evasion and Mettle.

It-Takes-A-Village Personified Corruption: You can only take this Manifestation if you possess the “Peasant-Subjugating Terror King” Fantastic Mythos. Any time any of your Followers or Cohorts would give birth, they instead give birth to one of your Flesh-Spawn, using their own level rather than yours, each flesh spawn with a minimum level of 1. It is otherwise identical to the Flesh-Spawn described in this Mythos.

Monstrosity Manifested Unyielding Life-Thirst

Prerequisites: -

You gain the ability to swallow foes whole. If you begin your turn with an opponent held in a grapple, you can attempt a new grapple check (as though attempting to pin the opponent). If you succeed, your opponent takes unarmed damage and is swallowed.

A swallowed creature is considered grappled, while you are not. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 20 points of damage to the inner walls of your stomach (AC equal to your class level + your Natural Armor + your wisdom modifier), or it can just try to escape the grapple. If the swallowed creature chooses the latter course, success puts it back into a grapple with you, but you are considered grappled (at which point, you may make another grapple attempt to re-swallow it). Any damage a swallowed creature deals is deducted from your hit points. Note that if you have any permanent Damage Reduction, this applies to the damage that would be dealt to you from a victim who attempts to cut its way out of you. Likewise, if you have any sort of Fast Healing, it is applied to your stomachs hit points as well.

If a creature cuts itself free, muscular action closes the hole, so that if you swallow someone again, that creature must cut itself free again. Creatures inside your stomach take 1d4 points of damage per 2 class levels you possess. If a creature dies while in your stomach, you may dislodge all its possessions as a standard action, or you may let them be digested, gaining Mythos points equal to their value.

You may have a certain number of beings in your stomach based on your size; you may hold 2 creatures that are two size categories smaller than you, 8 of three, 32 of four, 128 of five, and so on and so forth.


The Hunger Never Ceases: You gain a bite attack as a primary natural weapon. If you already possessed a bite attack, This does not manifest as your own teeth and mouth changing, but rather a new mouth developing somewhere on your body. This bite deals 1d8 piercing damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your bite in the same round, but your bite attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll. You may attempt to swallow a creature whole off of a successful bite attack.

Logic-Defying Internal Expansion: You can swallow a creature whole regardless of its size. If you swallow a creature of a size larger than your own, you do not visibly bloat or grow. However, if you make an intimidate check while a creature of a size larger than you is in your stomach, you may allow your body to grow, your skin to stretch to keep onto your bones. If you do so, you may count as the largest creature in your stomach for purposes of size bonus to your intimidate check. There is no limit to the amount of creatures you can keep in your stomach.

Unstoppable Grave-Crowding March

Prerequisites: At least 4 Natural Attacks

Wherever the Nightmare traveled, death was never far behind. The horror was enough to drive men mad, drive them to suicide. The screams of the damned only served to further the terror, an endless cycle of fear born from the fearful. It was a beautiful time to be alive as a nightmare. But when the screaming became too much for his ears, or when he grew bored of their existence, he had no qualms with eradicating them en mass.

You gain Combat Reflexes as a bonus feet. You may use your Wisdom Modifier in place of your Dexterity Modifier to determine the number of Attacks of Opportunity you may make in a round.

Each time you move past a creature, or a creature moves past you, you may choose to lash out at the creature with one of your natural weapons as an Attack of Opportunity. You may only lash out with each natural weapon you possess once per round in this way.

If you attack with a Tentacle, Bite, Claws, or Tail, you may make a grapple attempt as part of a successful attack. If you do so, you may continue your movement unhindered by their being ensnared by your tentacles or tail or caught between your teeth. At the end of your movement, you may choose to either continue grappling them or dump them to the ground around you. If you kill a creature when you lash out at it, you may automatically succeed on your grapple check against it. You gain a +4 bonus to intimidate checks for each dead creature you carry with you.


Insatiable Meek-Culling Wrath: You may make a full-attack as a standard action, or at the end of a charge.

Ground-Trembling Unflinching Flesh: Your natural attacks ignore a number of points of hardness possessed by objects equal to your wisdom modifier.

Exalted Mythos

Perfect Aberrant Otherworldly-Advancement Ritual

Prerequisites: Far-Realm Descended Bodily Desecration

The Nightmare, honestly and truly, was little more than a monster. Not The Monster, that tired old beast of naught but Rage and Hate. No, a monster in its thinking, in its understanding of it's work. It was a monster because it loved what it did. It loved the screams of children, the blood of the innocent, the flesh of heroes, the cries of the Gods at its mere sight. It did not hate, it did not know hate. It was entirely fueled by a selfish desire to bring everything down to its level. And in following in its path, you are given the tools of the Nightmare. Whether you follow it or not, whether you too will become a monster as it was, is of your own accord. But even you can't deny a certain joy you feel in spreading its teachings.

You gain two tentacle attacks as primary natural weapons. These tentacles deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d4 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. They have a reach of five feet. You may attack with weapons and your tendril in the same round, but your tentacle attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll. These Tentacles gain any weapon enchantment abilities granted to you by previous mythos.

You gain a Bite attack as a primary natural weapon. If you already possessed a bite attack, This does not manifest as your own teeth and mouth changing, but rather a new mouth developing somewhere on your body. This bite deals 1d8 piercing damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your bite in the same round, but your bite attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

You gain a Tail Slam as primary natural weapon. This slam deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus 1.5x your strength modifier. It has a reach of 5 feet. You may attack with weapons and your slam in the same round, but your slam attack is treated as a secondary weapon: The attack is made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

You gain two Wings, and with them, two wing buffets as primary natural weapons. These wings deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage for a medium creature, or 1d6 for a small creature, plus your strength modifier. You may attack with weapons and your wings in the same round, but your wing attacks are treated as secondary weapons: The attacks are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, and you add only half your Strength bonus to the damage roll.

You gain Multiattack and Improved Natural Attack as bonus feats, and the reach on all your natural attack increase by 10 feet.

Far-Plane Recreating Terraforming Glare

Prerequisites: Primal Fright-Tapping Emanations

The Radius of your Aura of Fear increases to one mile. In addition, all living things within your aura with 10 or less hit dice do not get a save against this fear effect, and are merely rendered shaken so long as they remain within the aura. 

Any creature suffering from a fear effect while within your Aura of fear also suffers additional effects based on how afraid they are. All creatures in the Aura of Fear take a -4 penalty to fear effects generated by you. Creatures who are shaken treat the entirety of the aura of fear as difficult terrain, seeming to manifest as a grim shadow of the Far-Plane to their cracked psyche. Creatures who are Frightened take 2d6 points of sonic damage each round, as the shrieking winds of the Far-Plane become all to real and surround them. Creatures who are panicked must make a Fortitude Save or die of fright immediately. Furthermore, you can use your intimidate skill to further characters fear beyond shaken.

You are aware of the precise location and identity of any creature in your aura of fear that is not affected by a fear effect you generate. As a full-round action, you can materialize yourself behind that creature, making an intimidate attempt against them in the process. 

In addition, any time a creature attempts to leave your Aura of Fear, they are subject to a grapple check by you, which you get a +8 size bonus, and may use your wisdom in place of your Dexterity or Strength. A creature that fails this Grapple check cannot attempt to leave your Aura of Fear for 24 hours. This can mean that, for your personal aura, you may be dragging along an entire menagerie of creatures that are slaves of your terror, frantically clawing at unseen walls and borders that outsiders shutter to think of.

When every creature within your Aura of Fear is under some manner of fear effect, the world itself begins to mirror the terror they see. The Grass Withers, trees fall, water grows polluted, the skies grow dark. Anything born in the Aura is born with the Far-Spawn template, and all such creatures instinctively think of you with some level of fondness. If you remain within the same rough area for 48 Hours, during which time no creature goes longer than 1 minute without being under a fear effect, you can make the mile that your fear aura previously effected a permanent bastion of terror. You no longer need to be present to manifest your Aura of Fear in that location, for there is enough residual terror to maintain it on its own. You can teleport to any creature in any Aura of Fear you create in this way, as well as the one you manifest around yourself.

Finally, you gain a +10 bonus to your Armor Class, Saving Throws, Attack Rolls, and Skill Checks made against creatures suffering from a fear effect you created.

Unattainable Shimmering-Body Optimization

Prerequisites: -

There is a certain perfection, a certain idyllic charm that comes from roiling flesh and misplaced limbs. The symmetry in a butterfly is pretty, but the sprawling branches and endless canopy of a tree older than the mountains that surround it is truly marvelous. You certainly take more from the latter than from the former. Your body is a work of art, unblemished in its imperfection, magnificent in its putridness. Those who gaze upon your form recoil at the sight, jealous of a beauty so wondrous they could never even rival it, let alone fully capture it. Words, Paintings, Memories, Nightmares, Screams, nothing truly can emulate the beauty and radiance that you have become.

At least that's what you may tell yourself.

Whatever way you slice it, you dig into the deepest, oldest recesses of the Far-Plane your mortal mind can comprehend, and dig still deeper, and draw from it a unique beauty that is beyond this, or many other, worlds.

Firstly, the Eldritch Gods of the beyond-world find you a delightful servant, and grant you a portion of their luck. A natural 1 no longer implies an automatic failure for you, and a natural 20 no longer implies an automatic success against you. Your skin also begins to rot and shed so frequently you have a new coat every few minutes, and your mind follows suit. Every round, you have a 50% chance of removing any ill non-instantaneous non-permanent effects from yourself at the end of her turn. (roll separately for each). 

In addition, the world you live on treats your alien appearance with such fear and wonder that it is slow to give you to the Afterlife, or to react to your presence. You also gain Immunity to Death Effects and Ability Drain, and may operate when at 0 HP or below without issue. At -10 Hit-points, you do still die, however. Your natural weapons count as Force Weapons whenever it would be beneficial, and you count as Incorporeal whenever it would be beneficial.

Lastly, you gain the unique ability to create Natural Weapons where previously there where none. One Per Day per point of Wisdom modifier you have, you may manifest Two Wings (With a Wing Buffet), A Tentacle, A Bite, A Tail Slam, or Bone Spikes (as Described Elsewhere in these Mythos). Doing so is a Free-Action, though you may only manifest one Natural Weapon in this way. It is otherwise treated as a normal natural weapon for purposes of this Class and its Mythos. Any creature that witnesses you manifesting a new Natural Weapon is subject to an Intimidate check, as your new appendages spring to life in glee at the chance to show themselves off. By taking up 3 uses of this ability, you may manifest a second natural weapon from this list, and by sacrificing 8, you may manifest Three. You can maintain these New Natural Weapons for a number of hours equal to half your class level, rounded down.

Indescribable Living Dead-World Dread Tyrant

Prerequisites: -

The Epifovian, that which is known across the world a grotesque caricature of terror, is little more than flesh. Those who walk the world in “normalcy”, going about their mundane lives day in and day out, they too are flesh. Everyone, no, Everything that has lived or breathed upon this plane, all of them were flesh. The Omphalos, the Material plane itself, even it is made from Flesh. The Other planes, the Titans, Good, Evil, the narrative that makes up reality, all of it is Flesh. The Flesh of Titans, of Lawgivers, The Flesh of Gods, the Flesh of Man, all that there is to know and to see, and much that there isn't, is little more than the excess flesh of a higher power, born and bread for the soul purpose of being used. Used by Titans and the Lawgivers and The Nightmare. To sculpt, and to shape. To toy with and to break. But even the Nightmare was cut from the same cloth as all others. But it rejoiced in this knowledge, for it meant that all was cut from the same cloth as it was.

As a standard action, you may alter the cloth of the Flesh that surrounds you. Select 10 feet, 100 feet, 1000 feet, or One Mile radius. You may consider all of the land, trees, water, and whatever else is naturally located there as yourself for purposes of making attack rolls, the areas you threaten, spot and listen checks, or being flanked or flat-footed. However, you are also considered all of that for purposes of being attacked, though you maintain your full-armor class against attacks made against a Tree you are part as if they struck your chest (or whatever similar you have developed). You may manifest your natural weapons across this Flesh-Domain so as to flank with one another or to attack creatures normally out of your reach.

If you so desire, you may corrupt the minds and souls of creatures within your Flesh-Domain. As a standard action, you may select one creature in your Flesh-Domain of up to your Hit-Dice. If the creature is unwilling, they get a Will Save, if they are willing, they get none. If they fail the save, you may manifest a natural weapon you possess on the body of the creature you selected. The creature is treated as though under the effects of Dominate Monster, as well as a part of your Flesh-Domain for all purposes., so long as it remains in the original area of your Flesh-Domain. You may command a number of creatures in this way whose total Hit-Dice equals your own. On a successful saving throw, the creature takes damage as if they had been attacked by the Natural Weapon you attempted to imbue them with, as it springs to life somewhere very near to them, writhing in its failure.

As a standard action, you may select any unattended object within your Flesh-Domain, be it a canteen, a tent, a tree, or a castle. You deal damage to the object equal to half your class level x the number of natural weapons you possess, ignoring hardness of all kinds. If you destroy the object, your natural attacks burst from the ruble, splinters, ashes, etc, in a monstrous display of satisfaction. Any creature looking at the object when it is destroyed is subject to an Intimidate check from you.

As a Move Action, you can use Diminish Plants, Plant Growth, Bless Water, Curse Water, Control Weather, Transmute Rock to Mud, Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Water to Acid, and Stone to Flesh, but only on the area currently designated as your Flesh-Domain. These abilities are all used as a caster level of your Class Level.

An Area stays as your Flesh-Domain so long as you wish. However, whenever you travel a distance equal to the radius of the Flesh-Domain (I.E: If you walk 10 feet away from your 10 foot Radius), your ties to the area are severed, and you lose access to it as your Flesh-Domain. You may only maintain one Flesh-Domain at a time. While in your Flesh-Domain, you may roll any d20 roll twice and take the better result, as even fate and luck, the flesh of the titans, is subject to your whims.


Aberration-Imitating (Ability) Advancement

Prerequisites: One Fantastic Mythos

Choose one of Wisdom, Dexterity, or Strength. This Excellency may be purchased once for each Ability Score, granting a +2 enhancement bonus to the chosen ability.

Once you have at least one Legendary Mythos known, this Excellency may be purchased a second time for each Ability Score. This second purchase increases the enhancement bonus by 4, to a total of +6.

Mysticism Transposing Devaluation

Prerequisites: -

The magic of this world is so different from the magic the Epifovian knows. Their magic lets them create fire, alter weather, restore life, create dimensions. And this is all well and good, for their uses. But in these, the Epifovian sees possibility. For they do not merely utilize their magics, but carry them in trinkets and tokens. How... unfortunate for them, if such tokens found themselves providing a disservice to their owners.

As a full-hour action, if you are in contact with an unattended magic item, scroll, wand, staff, or potion that is not your own, you may make a dispel magic attempt against it (Using your Epifovian level in place of your class level, and adding your wisdom modifier). If you succeed, the "magic" in the magic item is removed, skittering back to where it came from for fear of drawing your Ire. As a seperate full-hour action, you may call to mind a spell that is functionally the opposite of the one originally in the item (I.E: A Wand of Cure Light Wounds becoming a rod of Inflict Light Wounds, or a Scroll of Water Breathing becoming a Scroll of Transmute Water to Acid). This may require you to make a Spellcraft or Knowledge (Arcana) check, as well as cost you half the items effective worth in Mythos Points. Whatever item you disenchant, and whatever you replace it's spell with, it has one functional use or charge. When a creature that is not your ally (or is your ally, if you're one of the less predictable Epifovian of the world) uses the magic item for its original effect only to find this new effect in its place, you gain 1.5x the items worth in Mythos points, and the creature (and anyone the item was used upon) are shaken for 1d4 minutes. If you have fantastic mythos, this becomes hours. If you have Legendary mythos, it becomes days.

If they use of this item caused a character to kill an ally, the duration of the shaken effect goes up on tier (Minutes -> Hours -> Days -> Weeks)

Palatable Carrion Discernment

Prerequisites: -

Agony, Ecstasy, Success, Failures. The Dead offer so much more as a corpse than they ever could have in life. With but a taste of their blood, the Nightmare could reconstruct their entire livelihood in his mind, calling forth anything they had done or seen as if it were his own. A nation of experiences, roaming around in the mind of a madman. This is your Emulation of that skill.

Any time you come across a corpse, you may take a full round action to consume a chunk of its flesh (or some equivalent). In doing so, you may select any skill that the creature had ranks in, or a racial bonus to. You gain a +1 perfection bonus to that same skill. If you a creature of the Abberation type, or a type you currently hold, this becomes a +2 bonus. This bonus can stack up to your class level.

Masterful Muscle-Memory Improvement

Prerequisites: -

The Nightmare is not the strongest, nor the quickest, nor the smartest. Instead, he is the most patient. It understands that with a broken mind, it can hold the talents and abilities it will require later on, storing them in its nerve endings for another time. A time when it would be better suited.

Any time you roll a skill check with an Epifovian class skill, you may roll twice and take the better result.

Forceful Attitude Adjusting Grimace

Prerequisites: 10 Ranks in Intimidate

The glower of the Nightmare could be seen the world over. Its disdain and its scowl resonated with the world around it, chilling the blood of any he directed it towards. You are an extension of that terror, and thus you wield your fear like a weapon.

When you make a Demoralize check against a character who is already shaken, you can take take -5 penalty to try and advance their fear to Frightened. If you use your Demoralize attempt against a creature that is already frightened, you can take a -10 penalty to advance this fear to Panicked.

Inhuman Natural Disdain Augmentation

Prerequisites: -

You are a beast of another world, a world similar to the one you exist on, but so Alien and so different, it is baffling to see your presence. While those of greater intelligence may see your form and recoil, but still muster the courage to turn against you, the beasts of this world are not so likely.

Animals, Plants, and Intelligent Living Things (Not Oozes, Constructs, Undead, Etc) with less than 3 intelligence must make a Will Save in order to attack you. Success renders them immune to this Ability for 24 hours.

Frivolous Redundant Organ Development

Prerequisites: One Fantastic Mythos

Your body is full of organs without purpose, full of veins and double versions of existing organs and tissues. Your alien anatomy is far from the norm for one of your race. There are enough organs and sensory nodes floating around throughout you to create several new creatures. Because of this, your body absorbs wounds and blows that would fell lesser creatures.

You gain Toughness and Improved Toughness as bonus feats. You also gain a 25% chance to ignore critical hits and sneak attacks.

At level 10, you gain a 50% chance to ignore sneak attacks and critical hits.

At level 15, you gain a 75% chance to ignore sneak attack and critical hits.

Shallow Gene-Pool Shoring Bloodline

Prerequisites: Aberration Blood or Mourning Mutate

You gain Abberation Blood, Morning Mutate, or any feat with Abberation Blood as a prerequisite as a Bonus Feat.

An Unhealthy Mind Sates Broken Bones

Prerequisites: -

The mind of a skilled Epifovian moves a thousand times those of a mere mortal, even a Mythic Mortal. He is constantly under consideration of every move he could, had, or should make. In a thousand lifetimes has he been hunted, and in at least some of them, he has survived to thrive. So, though his body can not move as quick as his mind, it does offer him some leverage in situations.

You may use your wisdom modifier in place of your constitution modifier to determine your fortitude save and your constitution checks to avoid non-lethal damage from extended physical activity.

Chivalrous Alien Mindset Molding

Prerequisites: Good Alignment (Or something Equivalent)

The Nightmare was not a good thing. He was not a creature that allowed morality to halts in advances. It was not so base a creature as to let the Empyrean's light corrupt his purest intentions. But, still, you struggle to keep that alien nature in check to build a better world. And though your instincts struggle to understand it, they long only to be used, and willingly aid your pursuits.

You gain Resounding Blow and Quell the Profane as Bonus Feats. Your natural weapons deal a bonus point of damage per class level against Evil Outsiders and Evil Undead. You gain a Sacred bonus to Intimidate checks against Evil Aligned creatures equal to half your class level.

Brain-Busting Wordplay Weaponry

Prerequisites: One Fantastic Mythos

An Epifovian knows many things, and remembers all. Lifetimes in other skins, other lands, other ages. Other people, Other friends, other social standings. The only constant was a draw to inflict terror upon those who surrounded them. By drawing forth the memory of those lives, of those livelihoods and interactions with so many, you can destroy lesser minds with a few choice words, from a few choice languages.

You become able to speak any and every language perfectly. You speak only languages you knew prior, but to the ears of your intended victims, it sounds as flawless natural dialect to them. Even letters and symbols on paper dance in your other-worldly eyes until they form words you recognize.

In addition, as a full-round action, you may make a special intimidate check in several hundred languages simultaneously. If you are successful, not only is the creature rendered shaken, but also confused for 1 round per class level you possess.

Bountiful Pitch-Black Feather Adoption

Prerequisites: A Wing Buffet Attack

You gain Improved Natural Weapon (Wing Buffet) as a Bonus Feat, as your Wings grow to support your anatomy. You gain a fly speed equal to 10 feet x The Number of Wing Buffets you possess with good maneuverability. If you have the “Jealousy-Thriving Warpaint Appropriation” manifestation of the “Unceramonious Feathered-Freak Ascension” Mythos, this improves your fly speed gained from those effects to Perfect.

Soul-Shredding Inner Redistribution

Prerequisites: -

The Nightmare, and by extension, the Epifovian, are not fully “living” creatures. Surely, they walk about in the skin of a mortal, but their soul is immortal. Or, it would be, if there was a soul in the first place. By this point, even the Epifovian's soul has become so horrified with the actions of its life, and the nature of its power, that is fled to some long distant part of the world. And though it can still be called upon, it is out of reach to be culled as it could from a simpler creature.

You heal from both Negative Energy and Positive Energy. You also develop an Immunity to Ability Damage and Soul Drain Effects.

At 7th level, you become Immune to Death Effects.

At 13th level, you treat Ability Drain as Ability Damage, and heal one point of Ability Damage per hour, rather than per day.

Seething Hatred-Fuling Black Blood Circulation

Prerequisites: -

Horror is without restraint. Friends, Family, Rivals, Sworn Enemies, Strangers, all are equally susceptible to the fear that you bring. But sometimes, you simply must make someone suffer for a slight against you, you must make them pay. Whether your mothers killer or a dignitary who turned their nose up at you, someone out there is deserving of your scorn. And you will enact you revenge, drop by drop.

At any time, you may declare a creature who has offended you in some way. You gain a Bonus to Attack Rolls and Intimidate checks against that creature, but take an equal penalty on these checks made against other creatures so long as your Hated Foe still draws Breath. Once your Hated Foe has been properly tormented and humiliated, you may designate a new Hated Foe. You may only select a Hated Foe once per 1d4 days, as you allow your anger and hatred to cool before flaring it into action once again.

Patient Million-Year [Skill] Progression

Prerequisites: at least one rank in the chosen skill

Above all else, the Nightmare has time. Infinite years and lifetimes to practice, to wait, to develop its natural skills in a new and creative way. It was a creative beast, to be sure, constantly learning from itself, its failure and its successes equally. With nothing but time, it could wait until it developed, evolved, or adapted an answer to any problem it faced. You share in its luxury, able to relearn from yourself, to better your abilities in ways unseen.

You lose all ranks in your current skill save for One. If you already had ranks beyond that in the chosen skill, they are refunded as you break yourself of your old learning, your mind readying itself to collect every scrap of information you gleam from your experience. These refunded points may be spent as normal the next time you level up.

Every day after you gain this Excellency, you add one more rank to the chosen skill, so long as you utilize the skill in some meaningful way during the day. If you fail the check, you instead gain 2 ranks. This continues until you reach the maximum number of ranks you may have in that skill. This continues as your capacity for new skill ranks increases, always ensuring you have the maximum mastery available.

This Excellency may be learned multiple times, once for each Epifovian class skill. 

Ancestral [Saving Throw] Experience Extrapolation

Prerequisites: Must have failed a save from your chosen throw, One Fantastic Mythos

The Epifovian is a creature of unending adaption and empowerment. Even in failure, he grows stronger. For every obstacle that halts his progress, there is a way for him to overcome. Nothing can cause him to fall impossibly behind, for he is the unstoppable force, and he will not let his failures drag him down.

You gain a +2 Resistance Bonus to the Saving Throw of your Choice. This mythos can be purchased again after you have access to Legendary Mythos, improving this Resistance bonus to +6.

Unnatural-Selection External Hypothesis

Prerequisites: At Least one Natural Weapon

You gain a Natural Weapon, Identical to one you currently possess, but in miniature. It you are a medium sized Epifovian who chooses to manifest another Tentacle, it will be treated as though you were small size for all purposes. You may only grow one miniature version of a natural weapon through the use of this Excellency, but this Excellency can be purchased infinite times, so long as it is emulating a different Natural Weapon with each use.

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